Fantasy Island; The Stolen Globe. About The Main Characters


Ken: Ken's character was that of a person who against all odds tried to take everyone along and he did not take sides. When his two best friends Nick and Paul protested about bringing Telma into their clique, he let them know that she earned her position because she first asked to go with them to the Island. Also he did not let the boys pick on Telma and he did his best to make her feel welcomed.

Nick: Nick's character was that of person who is careful about anything. He tries to look at the effects certain things could have on him and his friends. Although he was more opposed to Telma and her plans than the others, he joined and even supported Ken in whenever he chose to follow Telma's suggestions.

Paul: Paul was a glutton, a clown and a happy person. He never allowed his fatness get the better of him. Though he did not also like Telma at first, he later took her as one of his pals and unlike Nick, he did not mind going along with Telma's plans for adventure. Although he constantly longed for food, the rigors of jungle life made him trim down and he decided to stop the food habit and maintain his shape.

Telma: Telma was the master planner of the whole adventure; it was her idea all the way. She had only just been discharged from the hospital when Ken invited her to his birthday party. Little did he know that she had plans of her own.  Telma promised to give him a fulfilling birthday gift and truly she kept to her promise. She had been to the Island before and made friends with some people and creatures, she loved her experience on the Island and wanted to share it with ken as a way of thanking him for inviting her to his party. Though she felt bad about Nick's attitude towards her, she was happy that Ken actually accepted her from the start.

Eltaca: Eltaca lived in Fantasy Island and represented both the human species and the panther species. Right from the moment the kids stepped into the Island, she sensed their quest for adventure and decided to let them have it. The Island needed to be saved and she picked the children to join her in saving it. Her character was motherly than friendly. She did all she could to make sure the children remained alive and well.

My only challenge in writing this book was time. I didn't have it enough because of my job. I was teaching in a secondary school and the curriculum was tight. Most times I came back home too tired to even look at my manuscript. But somehow, I found a way to finish the book.

I enjoyed writing it, I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Happy reading