A Short Story That Just Came to Mind

By Oforofuo

Sam Oki was a business man who spent most of his days in his office. He was plump, had one bad eye and was not all that handsome. He got the bad eye from a bully at school when he was only 10 and since then, it had repelled people from him. He did not have a model’s physical appearance but he was kind, friendly and generous. He had fine qualities as a man.
He had anything he wanted apart from women. Girls continuously turned him down whenever he approached them for a relationship. Over the years he got more rejections than he bargained for. The few girls that agreed to date him soon ran off because other people laughed at them for dating a funny looking guy.

Finally, he decided to let go of the thought of ever finding true love and decided to bury his head in office work. He had done well for himself over the years and now his company’s name had become a household name.
One early morning, Sam rushed off to work so as to attend to some very important document. It was actually a Saturday and a day off for all his workers and so, he was alone in the office.
While going through the paper works on his desk, Sam heard a noise. At first it sounded like nothing to be worried about so he ignored it. Not long after, he heard another sound; this was coming from outside his office. It was that of somebody crying. Sam got up and went in the direction the sobs were coming from. Suddenly, he noticed ground movements from under the door of one of the offices and opened it.

 To Sam’s surprise, a woman covered in dirt and her own blood lay helplessly on the ground. She was badly injured and bleeding profusely.
Without thinking twice, Sam picked her up and rushed her to a nearby hospital. It was much later that he learned her identity. The woman was Jane Osade, one of the most popular celebrities in town. She was attacked early Saturday morning at about 4:00am while returning from a night performance. Her body guards were dead and she was the only survival. She had sneaked into the office in an attempt to escape from her attackers.

The police investigated the case and found her husband guilty of the crime. Jane was at the verge of divorcing him because of his bad ways and he did not want that. He needed access to her money; after all he only married her because of it. When things wouldn’t go his way, he planned to have her killed, take all her money and disappear. 

Apart from Sam, Jane too had not been lucky in the issue of love. The guys she fell for were not even worth her time. 

While in the hospital, Sam would always visit Jane with flowers and chocolate. Every day, they got to know each other better. At first, it was just caring for an injured person but as time went on, an attraction began to grow between the two of them.

After she was discharged from the hospital, they still spent time together. Long walks together moved on to holding hands and then on to hugs and finally kisses. They were both happy that a bad experience ended up bringing true love to them

Valentine’s day was already around the corner and there was this big celebrity party that was to hold.  The duo attended the party as a couple and heads kept turning. Jane had told all her friends about Sam and how he had helped her and brought real love to her and so they all wanted to meet him. The event was a success and it was on camera with Jane and Sam as the center of attraction. That same night, the event was broadcasted on tv and watched by a lot of people. 

The next day, Sam had 10 visitors in his office and about 15 letters from some other people. They all happened to be girls that he had asked out in the past, girls who had rejected him and called him names. Now that he was seen on TV with the most famous of all celebrities, they now felt he was good enough after all and wanted to be part of his life so, they came to apologize.  Sam accepted their apology but refused to have anything more to do with them. He had found the love of his life and he was not going to let go. Soon Sam and Jane got married and they lived happily ever after.

    Don’t judge people based on physical appearance. A man or woman is always more that what they appear to be.

2.    If a man or woman finds you less attractive because of appearance or material wealth, let him or her go. There is someone else out there who will totally accept you as you are, no subtractions  or additions.

3.    Try to help people; you never know what the outcome will be.

Enjoy your day people and cheers