Now Released. Gentle Wild.

Excerpts From Chapter Two

It was a Saturday morning and Monica sat on the wooden rock chair in her living room and rocked it to and fro. She actually was trying to rock JJ to sleep so that she could concentrate on cleaning up the house. She would not be able to focus if he did not sleep and funny enough, his eyes were wide open.  He seemed to know what his mother was up to and did not want to co-operate, instead he played on her laps and said all sorts of things that only he understood. Monica gave up watching him and just threw her head back on the head rest. Though it was morning, she was still very much tired. She had to get up several times during the night to attend to JJ whenever he cried and apart from that, her week was very hectic, working long hours at the Island’s Shopping Mall and taking little or no rest.

 She wasn’t complaining of course; things could have been really bad for her and JJ but the reverse was the case and she remained forever grateful to Ella, detective Godwin and Inspector Louise. Though she did not trust Louise at first, she thought he was going to get them arrested but that was not the case. After getting them out of  the abandoned theatre were the policemen came to look for her, Louise immediately drove down to the sea port, got her all the documents required, and then put her and JJ on a ship to William Island; an Island recently built and developed by Global Island Development, an Island  Development  Company owned by William Osborne.

The news about its discovery and development had been all over the media for almost over two years. Lots of tourists came to see for themselves the beauty of the place and how peaceful it was. Some eventually took residence there while others moved on. It was indeed paradise on earth. Before that day, Monica never dreamt of coming to the Island because she was too busy. There was no time for sightseeing and besides she was being chased around lately for a crime she did not commit.

When they got to the sea port, detective Louise paid her fare and gave her extra money for upkeep until she could get a job to support herself; even Ella and Detective Godwin were surprised at the kind gesture. When they asked why he was helping out, he simply said, “Someone knows you are innocent, he knows your needs and he hired me to get you to safety.”

“Do I know this person?” she asked.

“No” He reply, “But he knows you.

“Will I meet him where I’m going?”

“You may, you may not. I’m paid to get you to safety, not to know what happens next.”

“You were paid to help me but you didn’t have to, thank you so much for everything. I will ever be grateful, and who ever my guardian angel is, tell the person I am grateful and hope to express my gratitude in person someday.”

“I will tell him in your exact words.” Louise replied.

With that, Monica smiled and hugged him before hugging the others and also thanking them for their support. She then went aboard and waved them goodbye as the ship made its way to the Island.

Now it was two months, two months since she arrived at William Island. She laughed when she first heard the name but, after observing how peaceful the place was, she had to agree with the name, and decided that name did not matter after all.

 When she arrived at the Island, there was a man waiting for her at the docks. He was dark in complexion and very muscular. He was not all that handsome but he was fine. The man had a photo of her with him for easy identification.

“Monica Anderson?” he asked as soon as he spotted her.

“Yes that’s me.”

“Welcome to William Island. Louise asked me to pick you up and take you to your house.”

“My house?” She asked confused, “Are you sure this is not a mix-up?”

“No” said the man with a smile, “Louise never mixes anything up.”

Monica then remembered that someone, through Louise was taking care of her, she was confused. To get her and JJ to safety was one thing but to give her a house? She looked stunned. If this kind of assistance can come from a person she didn’t know, then it was high time she started to believe that God truly exists and watches over people.

Without wasting more of the man’s time, she got into the car with JJ and the man drove off. Some minutes later, she got to the house and when she saw it, she could not stop admiring the place. It was a tastefully furnished bungalow with two bedrooms and it had a flower garden behind.

Whoever furnished the house did not leave JJ out of the plan; there were lots of baby items in the house, even clothes, shoes, baby food, court, toys and so on. Monica was indeed touched. How could someone do all this for her even when she was a total stranger to the person?

She looked at herself.  The clothes she was wearing had been the only one she wore for almost three days, all her belongings were lost and just when she thought she was going to start all over again, someone out of the blue has given her everything she could ever ask for. She still had one account with lots of money in it but the issue with the police had made her avoid going to the bank. If they knew about the account, they may block the account and even seize her money.

She silently said a prayer for whoever her secret helper was and hoped to meet him or her some day.

The driver, after making sure that everything was functioning well in the house, told her to call him if she needed anything. He then gave her his card.

“Don’t hesitate,” He said before turning to leave.

“Wait!” she called after him, “How much do I owe you? She started to bring out money but stopped at the man’s reply.

“You owe me nothing, Louise paid for everything. See you around.” He started to go again when she called out.

“What do they call you?”

“Mark, at your service”

“Thank you Mark”

“You’re welcome,” he said with a grin before getting into his car and driving off.

It was now over a month since she came here. She has met all sorts of people, and most of them were kind hearted while the others were just being themselves. Her first and best friend on the Island was Janet Eryson, a very friendly woman in her late thirties who lived across from her. Janet and her husband came all the way from London to be in William Island. They owned the Island Shopping Mall where Monica worked and in fact it was Janet who had offered her the job about two weeks after her arrival. Janet gave her a tour around the Island and introduced her to a lot of people. Janet who also welcomed Monica to her family was good with children and instantly took to JJ and vice versa.

Talking about Janet, Monica was supposed to meet her at the shop after cleaning up. More goods had arrived yesterday and there was a lot of recording to be done. Monica looked down at JJ who was still swinging his little feet in the air and speaking in unknown language.

 “Seems you won’t be sleeping after all, let’s get to the shop so we can meet Janet in good time.”

 She then stood up, placed JJ in the baby court and went about her chores.

About two hours later, Monica headed to the shop with JJ. When she got in, Janet was the first person to walk up to her.

“Monica what happened?” she asked in a concerned tone, as she took JJ from Monica.

“Am so sorry Janet, JJ wouldn’t let me work without distractions.”

“That was why I asked you to get a nanny but you wouldn’t listen.” Said Janet,

“No Janet,” Monica replied, “I don’t need a nanny, besides, I don’t trust one. Don’t worry, you would not understand because you have lived abroad all your life. It is a Nigerian thing.”

“Tell me about it,” Janet scoffed as she led the way to the back counter were about six female workers were already putting down records of the new goods.

They exchanged greetings and she went straight to work. After about an hour, Janet came over with JJ crying over her shoulders.

“He is hungry.” She said as she handed him over to Monica. At least there were only women working there with her, all the male employees were attending to customers and so Monica felt comfortable unbuttoning her shirt in order to breast feed JJ. A few minutes later, JJ was happily sucking his mother’s milk and as usual, he threw up his legs and used one hand to firmly grip the leather strap of his shoe. This was his favorite position when feeding.

It wasn’t more than five minutes she had started to feed JJ when they heard commotion at the front of the shop. Some of the other ladies stood up to see what was happening.

“What is it?’” asked Monica while still feeding JJ and wondering what was going on.

“It’s that bush man again,” said one of the workers, “I wonder why he doesn’t just stay in the bush where he belongs.”

“What bush man?” Monica asked confused,

“You have been here for what? One month plus and you haven’t heard about the bush man?” Asked another.

“Nope” Monica replied still keeping her focus on JJ.

“Well you can stand up briefly and take a look at him” said the first girl, “He can’t bite you from afar.”

Out of curiosity, Monica partially stood up to peep but what she saw threw her off balance. Of course there was a very un-kept man standing there, looking through some stuffs but behind him was an angry set of men who wanted him out and since he would not go, they were going to use force. Some of the sales boys already picked up a baton. Bewildered, Monica quickly put JJ down on a soft chair, buttoned up and ran out. She got there in time to hold back one of the sales men who was ready to bring down his baton on the bush man’s head.

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