Writer’s block in plain English is a situation in which an author is unable to produce new works, complete already started works or view his/her completed work as inferior and therefore not suitable to be produced.

This situation is now thought of as an affliction that affects authors at different stages. Some battle with the condition for a few days, some weeks or months and others completely lose interest in writing for years.

There are several causes of writer’s block which includes but not limited to;
Financial pressure
Mental and physical illness
Over awareness of audience, therefore causing paralysis
Self intimidation
Unfavorable work environment
The need to get more important things done in good time
Projects beyond the writer’s experience etc…

I don’t see this as an affliction, only a situation to be overcome. So how do we overcome writer’s block?
1.                 If you are sitting at home in fort of a blank paper or computer screen and nothing seems to come into your head, just take a stroll. Walk down to the gym, shopping mall, the park or better still, jog round your neighborhood. A good exercise or body activity helps loosen both the mind and body. By the time you get home and take a bath, you will feel fresh and ready for the task at hand.
2.                 When taking a walk or jogging, take with you a pen and exercise book so as to jot down idea that flash through your mind. Don’t make the mistake of waiting till you get home because while you’re waiting, the idea moves on and then, you totally forget. Better still, if you think carrying a note book and taking down notes while jogging or having a work is not okay with you, get a small recorder, you can even use your phone. Put on your recorder and record the idea exactly as it came to you. Then when you get home it will be easy to expand on it. Note that you can do this repeatedly until your book or article is complete.
3.                 Start your work from whatever angle you feel happy to write about. Later, you can develop it.

4.                 Never underestimate or belittle yourself because according to Zig Ziglar, your business is only good or bad in your own eyes.  People will see and accept your work the way you see and accept it.