Protecting Your Work From Copyright Infringement.

By Karo Oforofuo

The internet is a very busy place. Millions upon millions of people go online on a daily basis to do something. It could be to socialize or to pass information, for research or for advert etc.

As a blogger or website owner, if you have nothing important to share, you get no visitors in your site.

The only way you can pull in traffic is by posting useful contents but, bear in mind that while you’re doing everything possible to get quality articles, photos, videos or eBooks posted on your blog or website, there are others who want to do the same for their blogs and sites but they are either too busy or too lazy to provide their own content. This lazy or busy situation makes most of them take the easiest and fastest option before them and that option is to copy someone’s work.

Stealing an intellectual property is a big crime. It is not a funny thing to wake up in the morning only to find that your hard work has been stolen by another. To prevent this sort of thing, you need to take action. No one should take and use your work without your permission, especially when it is copyrighted, be it photographs, articles, drawings, music beats, eBooks, videos and so on.

The first step to protecting your intellectual property is to get it registered. Visit this link for registration

Getting it registered is not enough, there are other things that you can do so, for more information on how to protect your online content or intellectual property, visit the following links below



  1. hi, carol. saw ur comment on my blog from nairaland. I haven't registered my work yet, is it late for me to do so? Ur blog really opened my eyes to some things im supposed to do but haven't done dem. I'd also b needing ur help on my blog. hope u dont mind. i'd communicate to u through ur mail or any other medium you deem fit. Thanx.


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