Karo’s Story Blog Promo!!!

Are You Interested In Winning Free E-copies Of My Most Prized Books?

1.    Fantasy Island; The stolen Globe

2.    Gentle Wild

3.    Susan’s Diary 3; Underground Secrets

Hello my dear readers, I have something interesting for you.
From the 24th to 27th of this month, I will be having a blog promo contest titled “Karo’s Story Blog Promo”.
The essence is to know how far I have really gone with keeping the interest of my readers, what you think I can do to improve on it and also to help spread the word about my blog.
I value both your opinion and support. That is why I have decided to hear from you, instead of outsiders.
To participate, all you have to do is write a review of my blog in not more than 150 WORDS.
When writing, please make sure you include some of the stories or chapters of a story you have read from my blog in the review.
Also, please ensure to state that the review is a blog contest and that prizes will be given out.

The following guidelines should be used
1.    What do you think of Karo’s Story Blog?
2.    How many stories have you read on the blog?
3.    Were they interesting and entertaining?
4.    Would you recommend the books to your friends, families and other story lovers?
5.    Do you think there is room for improvement?
6.    What kind of improvement do you hope to see?
7.    Should free downloads of at least one to two chapters continue?
8.    What else would you like me to do that I am not doing presently?
Please ensure that you follow the guidelines above.
After writing the review, you are expected to summit a copy to my email address, jadejay090@gmail.com, each copy will be posted on the blog unedited. Then, you are also expected to post another copy of your written blog review in any other social networking site of your choice.

Note: Please remember to add your name and country in the email. Also, provide links to the site(s) you posted the blog review on. 
Winners will be announced on the 31st of this month and then prizes will be given out.

The winners of the blog review contest will be awarded in this order:
1st Prize = A free PDF copy of Fantasy Island, Gentle Wild and Susan’s Diary 3; Underground Secrets.
2nd Prize = A free PDF copy of Fantasy Island and Gentle Wild.
3rd Prize = A free PDF copy of Fantasy Island.

So waste no more time in writing out your review. Good luck to you all and may the best writer win.