A Review of Karo's Story Blog By Olaoluwa Alalade

Karo’s story blog is a good step towards promoting the writer’s books and giving readers’ an insight into what the books are about.

On visiting the blog, I have had the opportunity to read almost 3 series of Susan’s diaries, an intro into Fantasy Island. Yet to read Gentle Wild, but I am looking forwards to it. I enjoyed Susan’s diaries and I have actually recommended it to other readers. I didn’t enjoy the intro to Fantasy Island, I guess it was because it was about fantasy and there was no way I could relate to it real life.

My review won’t be complete without some criticisms and suggestions. Firstly, your blog has too many free adverts on it and looks a little rough. I believe you could try taking off some of those adverts as they are a distraction to visitors and mostly lead visitors to other sites.

Secondly, I enjoyed Susan’s series, you tried painting the Nigerian setting and relating it to recent events (just like the bomb explosion and book haram in series 3). But despite the Nigerian setting you painted, the stunts Susan pulled in the stories still sounded foreign to me. I guess you would have to try putting in more local words/slang and give readers a more Nigerian feel. All improve better in painting the setting/environment (talk about the streets, kiosks, what you see when walking on a Nigerian street).

Thirdly, the cost of your books are a little bit on the high side. Try putting the price not more than 500 naira.

Please let the free downloads of at least one or two chapters continue. That is the only way readers can have an insight of what your books are all about.



This  is What Adonis StHarmony Had to say about the review.

I think I agree 2 paragraphs 3 and 4. They point 2 issues which if not urgently addressed could lead 2 counter-productivity. Overall, I think it's a fair review. I'd give it an 8 out of 10.

Note: If you browse through all the pages of the blog, You will find that most of the issues pointed out in the review have been attended to.

Please feel free to comment. I will love to know what you think. This topic is wide open for discussion.


Mean while, the book price is going to Olaoluwa Alalade.