Excerpt From Gabriel and Toreka

The front of Living Spring School was very busy with grown up students coming in pairs, parents dropping off their little kids and teacher's coming to work. As rowdy as the place was, it was a wonder that there was no traffic. It was indeed a very busy morning.

Everyone went about their early morning activities without knowing that from behind the leaves of one of the hibiscus plant whose flowers beautified the front of the school compound, two very tiny beings, Favor and Crystal, watched the activities unfolding before them. They had little wings and their clothes were blue and white respectively. They arrived early to wait for Mr. Gbago and his children. Duke, their head of operations, had assigned them to watch over Gabriel and make sure no harm came to him as he journeyed to Omugwe village.

"Do you think they will get here soon?" Crystal asked.

"Yes they will." Favor replied. "Mr. Gbago always makes sure his kids do not miss school or school activities. Just be patient."

"Well I am tired of being patient. I need some rest. We have been on this issue since morning."

"You lazy woman"

"Lazy?" Crystal protested. "How dare you call me that? And after all I have been through too?"

"You haven't been through anything."

"Oh really?"

They threw caution to the wind and started to argue in raised voices. They tried to out do each other but just as their quarrel was getting to its peak, they suddenly felt a warm liquid pouring on their delicate bodies. Without a moment's hesitation, they jumped back to avoid being socked. When they looked up, they saw one of the school students standing tall over them with his trouser unzipped. He was taking a pee.

"How disgusting!" Crystal said in anger. "I would have to teach him respect."

In a split second, she was already off the ground, flying furiously at the innocent boy and ready to give him a hot slap but Favor pulled her back. They struggled with each other while the boy continued to pee, completely unaware of their fight or the slap that was to meet his fine cheeks.

"What are you doing? Favour finally asked Crystal when he was tired of holding her back. Have you forgotten that no one is supposed to see us?"

"If they do not see us, how will they ever respect us? Crystal argued. "In the river, they pee on me or throw dirt and ritual blood on me. On land, same thing. How much longer will this go on?"

"For as long as it will." Favor replied. "This is why we were created in the first place, remember? We serve them. It's not the other way around."

They looked up at the boy just as he finished peeing. He then zipped up his trouser and walked away while whistling happily to himself. He felt relieved and that was all that concerned him.

"Ohhh!!!" Crystal cried in resignation as she finally stopped struggling and calmed down. "I'm tired. I need my beauty sleep."

"And you shall have it soon dear." Favor replied before looking back at the road. At that moment, he sighted Mr. Gbago's car coming towards the school gate and he quickly signaled Crystal. "The Gbagos are here already."

Still from behind the leaves, they watched as Mr. Gbago's car came to a halt at the front of Living Spring school gate and the children came down from the car.