Excerpt From 'Susan's Diary 1' The Friday Experience

As I drove into town with my friends, I decided within me that I will tell Eric the truth and return the money to him but I did not voice out my decision.

The money had caused too much quarrel for one day already.

After shopping and spending some time at the beach, I dropped Gloria and Nnkem at their separate houses before going home. By 7 P.M, I was set to go to Eric’s place. I thought about taking the money with me but my instincts told me not to. So, I decided that I will make my confession first and later hand over the money. Eric may be too pissed and kill me if I give him the cash immediately. If he did not know where the money was, he will have reasons to keep me alive and probably pardon me after getting it.

Dressed in a pink T shirt and jeans pants, I drove off to Eric’s guest house and finally arrived at about 8:30
P.M due to traffic. As soon as I got to the house, I sensed that something was wrong. Usually when Eric came here to pass the night, he brought only one or two body guards with him, but now, I could see six of them. Two at the gate, two in front of the main house and I spotted another two after I parked my car by the side of the house.

I shook the feeling off and went inside. To my discomfort, I saw another two guards stationed in the passage. I waved at them and they waved back. Well that was to see if they were stationed to capture me but, since they waved back, I became relaxed again.

There was instrumental music coming from the sitting room and the lights were on. I went in and found Eric sitting on the master chair with a glass of wine in one hand.

“Ha!” He said as soon as he spotted me. “You are here already. Come, sit and drink with me.”

I sat in the opposite chair as he poured me a glass of wine while humming to the tune of the music. He looked really excited and I was yet to know why.

After pouring the drink and handing it to me, he sat back on his chair and continued with his own. A lot
of things ran through my mind, the most dominant being the confession I was about to make. I equally
noticed that Eric was acting strange. Usually when I come over, he scoops me off to the bedroom and we
remain locked inside until morning. "Well" I thought to myself. "The earlier I get started with my confession, the earlier I get the
weight off my chest." So I cleared my voice and was about to open my mouth when he waved me to silence.

“Don’t say anything my dear, just drink; you will say a lot later.”

I sighed, looked into my glass and then reluctantly lifted it to my mouth and drank the whole content without pausing. I put down the glass and looked up at Eric. To my surprise, his face had changed from happy to expressionless and again, my instincts told me all was not well. I decided it was best I go home and come back tomorrow.

As I tried to get up, I noticed I was dizzy and my vision was starting to blur, I looked at Eric and still, there was no expression on his face. It was then it occurred to me that my drink was drugged and so was I.

Oh God, what do I do now? My every thought was on how to get out of there before things got really bad. I tried to stand up but, my bones were already too weak. The drug was working really fast but, I pushed on and finally forced myself up. I didn't last a minute before I fell down and blanked out immediately.