Excerpt From Susan's Diary 2 (The Kidnap Case)

By the time I opened my eyes, it was morning and I was lying down on someone’s bed. The place was not at all familiar so I was already getting uneasy and my senses were instantly at alert. My thoughts then went to Frank and I wondered what had happened to him. Was he safe? Did they get him? Is he dead? I didn't know which one it was so; I decided that the best and only way to find out was to look for him.

I tried to get up but my head was seriously aching and my jaws still felt hurt. It was then I realized that I had not fully recovered. But since I had to get moving, I decided to put my own health aside.

Slowly, I pulled myself up to a sitting position before standing up. The room was tastefully furnished but that did not move me. What moved me was when I looked down at my body and saw that I was wearing some one’s night dress.

“Gosh! Who in God’s name could have changed my clothes?” I thought out loud.

I looked at the standing mirror at the right side of the room and to my surprise, my head was bandaged and my cheeks straight to my jaw was treated with something I did not know. Although the substance smelt horribly, it seemed to be doing wonders.

My mind went back to my present situation. I had no idea what was going on and I was seriously uncomfortable. Better to run away than to find out who was planning on granting me amnesty in exchange for a favor. I know because that’s what they do. They take care of you initially and then offer to help you if you help them. There was no way I was going to trade my freedom for a crime I did not commit. I looked around and saw my shoes at the foot of the bed and as soon as I wore it, getting set to jump off the window and be gone, the door opened and Frank stepped in with a tray of bread and cereal. I looked at him in surprise. He was bare chested and there was a bandage on his waist, a sign that his wound had been taken care of.

Until that morning, I never even for one minute thought that Frank had the body of a model. Gosh! He had four good packs. I secretly admired him but made sure my facial expression did not show it. I felt like rubbing my palm flat on this chest but then, I had to shake the thought off and concentrate on what was happening. I needed answers and so I just sat on the bed and looked at him.

“Good morning sleeping beauty” He said as he dropped the tray on my thighs and sat beside me. “How do you feel?”

I looked at him like I was seeing a ghost. I was worried sick about him and now that I see that he was okay, he just sat there acting like I didn’t need answers.

“What’s happening?” I asked with a straight face.

“Well,” he said with a relaxed voice. “We had help from the least person I expected to get it from.”

“Who?” I asked.

At that moment, a man came in through the open door. I recognized him as the man who drove Eric the night I chased them to his mansion. He was the guard who I asked Philip to release to the other guards when they demanded that he must not be killed. I was truly surprised to see him. He was looking well and from the way the room was furnished, I could tell that he was living large. It seemed he made good use of his share of Eric’s wealth. The only thing about his appearance that changed was the scar on his left cheeks.

“Hello Susan” He greeted with a calm and friendly voice.

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