One Rainy Day (based on a true life story)

It was well over three years since Jerry Adu graduated from AAU and also finished his youth service at a clinic where he worked as a trainee nurse.

He was yet to get a job and so he was constantly sending out job applications and going to the state library to prepare for job aptitude tests and interviews.

One faithful morning, it was raining heavily and Jeff was heading to the State Library when he saw people gathered at the front of a compound which was about three houses away from his. The expression on their faces told him that all was not well. Some of the people were praying, some were crying and others wore a sad face.

"What's happening here?" Jerry asked one of the men as soon as he got to the front of the compound.

"Na one woman dey labour o! I just pray make she survive. We dey find nurse and the midwife wen bring her come but them no dey."

"Can I see her?" Jerry asked after the man finished talking.

"You get Medical training?" The man asked back.

"A little."

"Oya come na, any help we fit get we go use."

The man led Jerry into one of the self contain rooms. The first thing they saw was blood, the bed was soaked with blood and the floor was stained with it too. On the bed, a half naked woman lay with her legs wide open but that didn't move Jerry, something else did. At the other side of the room, a very little baby lay curled up on the cold tiles.

Jerry threw all caution to the wind. He knew he was supposed to put on a glove or a covering for his hands before touching anything but the baby's life was more important to him at that moment. He grabbed a wrapper from the bed and used it to wrap the little baby as he lifted her from the cold floor.

After that, he used a sucker which he found on one of the racks to suck mucus out of the baby's nose. In his training, he learnt that sucking the mucus out allows the baby breath.

However, his expression changed from delight to worry when he noticed that the child was not moving. He quickly placed the baby on her mother's stomach, hoping that the mother's warmth would revive her and true to his thoughts, the baby moved and then a few minutes later, she cried.

Her cries gave everyone relief. At least, the baby was well.

Jerry looked around for equipment he could use to cut the placenta but there was none. At that moment, a woman rushed in and on seeing blood, she cried out

"Chineke! What happened?"

"Who are you?" Jerry asked.

She then explained that she was the midwife and also owner of the room where the little drama was taking place. She went out to get somethings because she thought the baby would wait a little longer.

"Okay madam" Jerry cut in. "No need to panic. Just show me your equipment so that we can do this together."

For the next 45 minutes they worked together and after all was done, jeff placed the new born in her mother's arms.

"Thank you" the woman said as she carried her baby."

"You are welcome." Jerry replied.

Since he was going to leave the clean up for the midwife, he picked up his books and started to head for the door. As he went, something made him look back but his eyes did not fall on the baby, the bed, or the mothers face. Instead it fell in between her inner thighs.

"Nice package" He thought to himself smiling.
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