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Hello everyone, I am happy to say that Loving a stranger has finally come to an end and so we will be moving on to the next story. A story for both adults and teenagers.

Title "Gabriel and Toreka.


Gabriel lived with his family (father, mother and two siblings) at ikeja, Lagos while Toreka, an only child and half orphaned, lived with her sick father at Omugwe Village, located outside of Lagos.

Fate brings teenagers together after Gabriel got kidnapped along with his classmate and school teacher by their most trusted school driver, Tunde.

The children were then taken to Omugwe village where they were to be used as rituals.

Unknown to the kidnappers as well as the kidnapped, they are being watched by little beings of nature who have need of Gabriel's service.

The ritualist activities in the village had already caused a high death toll of the water elements who now which to repay the evil thrown on them with either drought or the complete sinking of Omugwe village and its environs under water.

Toreka and Gabriel will have to work together to stop the ritual activities and also purify the water and land through prayers. Will they succeed? Or will the elements carry out their revolt?

Watch out!!!

I will start posting the story from Monday 27th January 2014

Cheers everyone.

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  1. Really enjoyed loving a stranger....thanks karo for the write-up and Happy sunday to you.

  2. Happy Sunday to you too dearest. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you will enjoy Gabriel and Toreka too. Hugy hugy.

  3. Karo its nice having you around, can't wait for you to get started


  4. Thanks a lot. It is good to be around. The story of Gabriel and Toreka has started just follow the links

    Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Have a nice day.


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