So I have this big project I am working on that needs financing. I am working towards building and managing my own music/dance school and a lot is needed to set it up. I need a really wide space in an open location, then I have to renovate parts of it to meet with the standard I want. I have to buy studio equipment and few orchestral instruments, I also intend to hire
at least two people to assist me in starting up. Anyway, I did my maths and the amount needed is close to N3million.

I discussed with my parent and siblings and they liked the plan but the finance is not available so, I wrote out a business plan and a proposal which I submitted to some top media and government establishment. Some of them promised to get back to me while the others made it clear that they could not finance my project.

I worked towards my plan, taking little steps at a time because I needed good finance to take the giant steps. I kept my hopes up but the other companies did not get back to me so after a month,
I went to them. Phewwww.... well, you guessed right. All I heard was one cock and bull story after the other about how sorry they were for not being able to help me. For crying out loud, they would have just told me like the others did from the beginning that they were not interested in funding my project, even though I agreed to allowing them have a bigger share of the profit for the first six months.

When I got home that day, I was seriously down emotionally that I refused to help out in the kitchen. I took a bath and went straight to bed. By morning, I felt better and so I started to map out ways to raise part of the
money on my own. It was at this point that my mum made a suggestion.

"Why don't you ask your uncle to sponsor you?" She suggested.

"Which uncle?" I asked.

"Uncle Peter." She replied. "You know you two are close, he will help you out with whatever you want."

Uncle Peter happens to be my mum's brother-in-law. We were very close during his struggling days but recently, that changed. Not that he doesn't want to see me or I don't want to see him. You see, my dear Uncle Peter suddenly became very rich over night and since then he hardly ever smiles. When you pray, he complains that you are disturbing him. Throughout my years of travelling to and from Lagos with him, he never had an accident but now, he not only has accidents, anyone he hits by mistake dies on the spot and the accidents have become a frequent thing. I have since suspected that he may have joined a cult and that was why things had changed for him. As for me, I love a clean heart and peace of mind and I know that asking Uncle Peter for favours meant losing both so I completely ruled him out. I no longer take money or gifts from him and I hardly pay him visits even though I know he can single handedly give me N3million without a moment's hesitation and still not ask for a refund. So when my mum brought up the issue, I simply told her no and explained my reasons.

"I don't think so" She argued. "Your uncle is a good man and his hands are clean."

"Whatever you say mummy, but I cannot and will not aske him for support."

'Okay." My mum said without further argument. I was happy that the matter had been put to rest but then, a few days back, it came up again and this time, my siblings joined in. They did everything within their power to make me change my mind but I refused. it seems they do not understand how much I love my peace of mind.

Anyway, after a long argument, everyone went about their own business for the day and since I was home alone that day, I did some washing, cleaning up and eventually went to sleep.

In my dream, I saw myself going to Uncle Peter's house on an errand. After delivering the message I was sent, I changed my mind and asked him to support my business. At first he was reluctant but he didn't say why so I continued to pester him. At last he agreed and as I stood in that same spot, I watched my life transform. Within minutes my studio, dance and music halls were set up, my business was booming, my fame spread like wild fire both home and abroad, even Lupita Nyong'o would not be able to beat that record of over night fame and unthinkable wealth. I had cars and mansions, every magazine had my name and every TV station aired my programmes. I was on top and I was happy. Still in the dream, I went into one of my mansions and sat down to relax. Being naturally observant and alert, especially in spiritual matters, I noticed something was wrong. From the walls of my mansion, I saw demons coming out. They raced towards me and tried to enter my body they could not. I quickly got into prayers and I was not relenting and neither were they. I got into serious prayers which helped to repel them but they refused to give up. I found myself mostly using the words I AM and adding other prayer points to it. This continued for a long while but finally the demons left. Later that evening, they returned. They were still very determined to posses my body and I was very reluctant to give it to them. I found myself not being able to sleep anymore because I wanted to be alert. Those creatures were tricky and could take one off guard.

While the battle continued, my uncle then came to me. He said "This is it Helen, you have to let them in or return the money, fame and wealth. Your refusal is causing a lot of trouble."

"So you knew about this?" I asked my uncle.

"Yes" He replied without remorse. "It is for this same reason that I did not want to give you the money. But I finally decided to let you have it because I thought that when the time comes, these creatures would find it easy to enter you."

"What?" I asked shocked.

"Yes my dear, that is how it works. Right now your refusal is causing a lot of trouble for me and some other people so please, let them in or return everything."

With that, he left and I pondered on what he had said. "Let them in or return everything." Where do I even start from? Returning everything meant going back to the struggling days and letting them in meant loosing my relationship with God as well as my happiness and peace of mind. I decided that I would keep the wealth but still refuse the demons. I would fight them off with prayers and so the battle continued.

After going for days without sleeping, I decided that it was of no use keeping wealth and still losing my peace. I was getting tired and I knew I would not be able to hold out much longer so I quit. I called my uncle and asked him to take back everything.

Within seconds, my world wide fame disappeared, my cars, mansions, wealth, studio and concert halls, businesses and much more disappeared into thin air. I was back to square one but I was able to have my first real sleep.

When I woke up, I became convinced more than ever that approaching my uncle for support was totally out of the question. I shared the experience with my family and knowing how serious my dreams are, they supported my decision.

I saw the sign and I chose not to ignore it. Having a peaceful mind and serving God with it is far greater than all the wealth in the universe put together.

So back to my business, as I go take do am? Lolz. I know I would find a way, I will always find a way.

Cheers to everyone out there who values peace of mind. You shall not lack it in Jesus' name. AMEN.

NOTE: This is a real life experience but names have been changed to hide the identity of the people involved.

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  1. AMEN!!! thanks for the prayers. God will surely provide d finances u need for your project.


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