The Choices We Make (Chapter One)

The blue curtains in the room were hanging down low and the whole place was a mess with clothes lying scattered on the rug, the reading table and chair were out of place and the books on them were scattered. The fan made a squeaky sound as its long blades moved continuously in circles but released only warm air. The hip-hop music coming from the speakers of the home theatre was enough to drown the moaning sounds of Anita and Paul as they had very rough sex on the rug before getting on the bed. Knowing that she loved the rear entry position, Paul held her down and romped on her back side continuously.

In the next thirty minutes, they lay spent on the bed, panting while Anita laughed at the same time.

"Wow! It's been a very long time since I had it like this." Anita said while still trying to catch her breath.

"That's because you chose to leave me" Paul replied while still trying to catch his breath. He lay face up with his two hands behind his head.

"Oh come on Paul!" Said Anita. She then rolled over to his side and started to stroke his chest. "You know it's not like that."

"Then how is it?" He asked as he removed her hand from his chest and sat up. "We could have been together Anita, but instead you chose to go after someone else because of his wealth. How could you belittle yourself? Now the tweed, with all his money cannot satisfy you and you are here on my bed. How long will this go on?"

"It's a temporary arrangement but I don't know how long it will be." Anita sighed. "Look, we can still be together" She persuaded.

"How?" Paul asked as he got up and started to put on his clothes.

"Baby don't put on your clothes yet please, let us talk this through."

"I don't think so Anny. I really enjoyed my time with you and I enjoyed the arrangement while it lasted, but I can't do this anymore."

"I understand that you are still angry with me but…"

"It's not just about being angry Anny, I'm getting married in two months time and I cannot continue to cheat on a woman who has been very nice, honest and faithful. It's over between us."

This announcement took Anita by surprise but she tried not to show it. She had been enjoying her time with Paul and didn't want anything to spoil it or take him away from her but she knew that marriage was a different ball game.

"I didn't know you were getting married. Who's the lucky girl? Can I know her?"

"No you can't. Just get off My bed and be on your way, fun time is over."

"Can't this be resolved?"

"No Anny, it can't."

Paul then unlocked the door and walked out of the room, leaving Anita to herself.

Anita was a well endowed woman in her mid thirties, light complexion and very fashionable. She had little dimples on both sides of her cheeks which added some extra touch to her already beautiful face but she was not so beautiful inside.

She and Paul were in a very serious relationship during their university days but because of Paul's financial struggles, she left him for a richer man who later proposed and got married to her. Her nightmares started during their honey moon. Anita couldn't believe her eyes when she discovered that her husband was a complete amateur in bed. She complained several times and although her husband tried to improve, she was still not satisfied and neither did she do anything to help him get better. Not wanting anymore disappointments, She stopped having intimate moments with her husband and started to visit Paul again. Paul knew he missed her so much and so he was happy to have her back. He accepted her proposal of friendship without benefit.

A few months after their new friendship started, Paul ran into Jite at a shopping mall. One thing led to another and soon they started a relationship. Jite could not be compared to Anita in terms of fashion, beauty and intimacy but she was witty, honest and trustworthy. She also wasn't the materialistic type and so Paul was sure no rich man will ever take her away from him.

Paul was a handsome, dark complexion man in his late thirties. He had well trimmed side beards, a very muscular body and he stood at exactly 5ft 6 inches.

Paul was a man who believed in getting what he wanted but with Anita, he was not so sure about what he wanted. He found himself constantly falling heads over heels for her and he knew that if he didn't send her packing, he wouldn't stop having intimate moments with her.

As he took the narrow but well furnished passage to the sitting room, Paul took his phone out of his trouser pocket and saw that there were fifteen missed calls and they were all from Jite, his fiancee. He quickly pressed the dial button and placed the phone against his ears. It rang only once before Jite answered. She had been anxiously waiting for his call.

"Where have you been?" That was the first question she asked.

"Sorry Baby, I was working on some documents. I didn't know I left my phone in the room." Paul lied.

"Dear I was so worried." Jite said with a sigh. One could easily hear the relief in her voice. "Anyway, I'm glad you are okay. So, are you still coming?"

"Coming for?" Paul asked confused. There were too many plans going on for his marriage and sometimes he was at a loss about what was next in line to do.

"Oh Christ Jesus, don't tell me you have forgotten already, we are supposed to see Rev. Philip in 30minutes and after that, check on the vendors. Hello??"

"Oh!" Paul said as he finally remembered. "I... Totally forgot. I will be on my way now baby, see you shortly."

Paul looked at his phone with no expression on his face as he cut the call. He loved Jite so much but he knew it would be hard to let go of Anita, especially because of her bedroom tricks. Jite was too innocent and had insisted that they get married first before anything about bedroom activities could be done. He wondered if she would be as good as Anita or he would have to teach her and that was something he never really liked, teaching. Anyway, he loved her and that was more important to him. As for bedroom tricks, he would have to find other ways to teach her if it ever got to that.

As he continued staring at his phone, Anita appeared at the passage entrance already dressed and set to go.

"Thought you told her you are coming?" She scoffed. "From what I see, you truly don't really love this girl. Why then are you forcing it?"

"I love her Anny, and that is none of your damn business."

"Then why are you still sitting here?"

"Waiting for you to leave my house so that I can lock up."

"Oh! I see. Okay baby, I'm off."

She walked out and as soon as she was gone, Paul got up, grabbed his keys and headed out.

Outside, Anita sat patiently in the taxi she had stopped and waited for Paul. She was determined to know who his fiancee was. She wasn't going to take chances. If she couldn't have Paul, then no other woman would. Paul was the only man who could satisfy her and she was not ready to loose him completely to anybody. After flagging down a taxi, she ordered the driver to wait. As soon as Paul was out with his car, they followed quietly behind. She had to know who this woman was and then, she had to tear them apart one way or the other.

After about 50 minutes drive due to hold up at Mary land, Anita's Taxi came to a halt beside Saint Patrick's Catholic Church located at Ikeja. From within the car, she watched Paul, who was already out of his car and hugging a fair complexion lady who looked like she was in her late twenties. Although she had nice hips, she was well shaped with the body of a athlete. Anita knew Paul had always had a thing for fair complexion ladies, he just couldn't resist them. He kissed her lightly on her lips before she took his hand and led him into the church like a little boy.

Although Paul's fiancee looked familiar, Anita could not place where she had seen her face before.

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