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Hello everyone, I am so, so sorry for the long silence. It wasn't intentional. I suddenly have too many important things to do at the same time. That is why I have been quiet

I have some write ups (4 stories) coming up soon. The first is titled

"The Choices We Make."

This story was born out of funny discussions I saw on a social forum about relationships. The truth is this, when it comes to relationships, there are always complications. How you handle these complications matters a lot.

Summary: Anita is married to Ade but is sleeping with Paul. She later finds out that Paul will be getting married soon. For her there are only two options. Either she remains with Paul, or she shares him with his wife to be.

Next is "The Eye Witnesses."

This is a story about two detectives and their team trying to solve a murder case based on the account of three eye witnesses. The problem they have is that the three witnesses gave three different accounts of what happened to the dead victim and some of these accounts don't add up.

So whose account is right? And who is the victim's killer?

Next after that is "The House Keeper."

The House Keeper is going to be in series. How many? I don't know yet.

The story is about an out spoken lady in her mid 20s who applied to be a house keeper for a celebrity who everyone tags useless. Her interview was more of a battle field than a question and answer session. Little did she know that her strength and skills as a bodyguard was more needed than her knowledge of house hold chores.

Now the last on the list, hmmmm.... I haven't really been able to come up with a title but for now, let us title it

"The Enlightened"

A young black princess who lived during the time of Jesus decided to travel all the way to see him because her land and people were plagued with different diseases. Unfortunately for her, she met so many obstacles on the way as she moved from one slave master to another. By the time she got to Nazareth, Jesus' home town, the news of his death greeted her but she was unflinching. In her own words "if he is as great as they say he is, then dead or alive, he can and will heal my people."

How will she go about that? Well, you have to wait for the complete write up.

Note: Stories will no longer be posted in full. Lolz. I will post a few chapters and that will be all. To read the complete stories, please visit the book shops. You can also buy from Okada books. You can find out more about them here http://bit.ly/okadabook with your Android Phone.

Thanks and Cheers.
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