May She Rest in The Bossom of Our Lord

Today,  the world lost a dear soul.

I came back home this evening after a hectic day. I rested abit and then decided to come online. That was when saw the news of her death.

Maya Angelou was indeed a great woman, a great poet, novelist, actress and an outstanding person.

My only regret is that I didn't know her earlier in my life. I only took notice of her last year when I watched Tyler Perry's movie "A Family Reunion"

After that day, I searched for her online and finaly got to her official facebook fan page which I instantly liked. I have been following every post since then. I didn't know she would leave so soon.

I am glad to say that I learnt a lot from her and I try to practice most of the things she preached about.

May you rest in sweet peace Ma. The words and blessings you left behind will never depart from the us.