TRAPPED; The Underworld (Chapter One)

It was a beautiful Saturday morning for Jason Motom as he walked bare chested and bare footed in his beach side mansion. The mansion was tastefully furnished. It had anything and everything one could possibly want to have.

Jason was a young man in his mid-thirties. He was 6ft tall, dark in complexion, muscular and wore an afro over well trimmed breads. At his age he had done so well for himself. He worked tirelessly to acheive everything he ever wanted and in the end, he always truimphant, or, so he thought.

The week that had just gone by was a very tough and stressful one for him so he planned to relax throughout the weekend. He knew just how much he needed the rest. Being the founder and MD of Motom Automobile was definitely not a small task. He worked with his team of designers and engineers all week, especially because they were about to release a new model of Motom H5 auto into the market. They had to put finishing touches to the new model.

Jason Motom was a business man who was into the manufacturing and selling of cars. He started as a sales personnel for a car manufacturing company. Some years later, when luck came his way and he got hold of sudden wealth, or so he thought, he ventured into the car manufacturing business and he was very successful. Right from the beginning he knew no failure. He manufactured high quality cars with multiple functions and then he named them after himself. His first car model was Motom H1. A lot of people liked the car and they wasted no time in buying one for themselves. After two years, he came out with another model, Motom H3 and now he was about to release a higher grade in the Motom series, Motom H5. Although he was exhausted from all the hard work, he couldn't wait to see the reaction from people when he released the model. He was more than sure that the launching would be a great success. This was his third car model and he knew the signs of success. They followed him throughout his six years in the business. Now, the signs were even stronger and that was why he was glad to work tirelessly. Jason and his team had been making and assembling the parts of Motom H5 for almost two years. Now that the model was ready, he was relaxed and happy.

For Jason, the Saturday held only rest for him and he was determined to make good use of it. The following Saturday was the day set aside for the launching of Motom H5 and he knew rest would be far from him then. Being poor came with a lot of disadvantages and so did being rich. You have to keep up with the stress or lose everything you've worked for. However, Jason prefered the stress as long as he was rich. Being poor was the last thing he ever wanted be again.

Jason was not always a rich man, in fact, he was born without a silver spoon. Growing up in the slums of Lagos was a bitter experience he never wanted to remember. He was glad to be out of the filth and he wasted no time in taking his entire family along.

That Saturday morning, Jason slept longer than usual. When he finally woke up, he took a hot bath and went to the dinning to take breakfast. His nanny, Mrs. Adaze, was a great cook, even before tasting the food, Jason already knew it was mouth watering. After breakfast, he spent the early part of his morning relaxing in front of his TV screen. His girl friend, Linda Aguse, was out of town for her friend's wedding. At first he didn't want her to go because he wanted to spend the weekend with her. But when she pleaded with him and explained that she had since been chosen to be the chief bride's maid, he had to let her go.

After watching TV, Jason decided to take a swim down at the beach. He had been too busy these past months that he didn't even have the time to go there. This particular Saturday was different anyway, he was determined to make the most of it, no matter what. After the beach, he decided that he would visit an old friend of his and then pay a visit to his parents before spending the rest of the night at a club house.

At about 10:15 AM, Jason wore his swiming suit, grabbed a towel and headed to the beach which was just about 26fts away from his back yard. Without wasting time, he got into the water and had a long swim. By the time he came out of the water, he was feeling fresh and relaxed. Jason dried his body with the towel and then lay down to rest under a small tree. The gentle breeze swept over him and soon he was fast asleep.

After about 10 munites nap, he woke up with a start. It took him a while to get his bearing and when he finally did, he frowned. Some distance away from him, not too far from his mansion, he saw someone standing and admiring his home. The person was now wearing his swiming suit. Jason looked down at himself and saw that he was dressed in black sweater with a hood and black jeans pants. He wondered about the change of clothes. Could the man be a thief? Jason looked up at the man again as he wondered who he was and what he was doing by his home.

After admiring the mansion a little longer, the stranger started to move closer to the entrance. No longer comfortable with the presence of an intruder, Jason stood up and ran after the man.

"Hey!" He was about to yell but then something strange happened. His voice was gone. He couldn't hear himself. Surprised at the new but ugly development, he stopped in his tracks and tried again but the same thing happened. Ignoring his present situation, he looked up at the intruder and wanted to continue his pursuit but what he saw shocked him to his bone marrows. He stood transfixed and watched his nanny, Mrs. Adaze, welcoming the intruder with smiles and a fondness he knew belonged to him and him alone. That was not all. Before the intruder went into the house with Mrs. Adaze, he turned around and looked Jason right in the eyes and smiled. Jason's jaws dropped open when he realised that he was looking into the eyes of his exact look alike. The same face, the same height, skin colour, beards, afro etc. In fact, he was looking at himself. His heart raced, sweat instantly gathered at his temple as blood drained from his face.

The intruder's wicked smile deepened when he saw Jason's reaction to the new situation. He then turned and followed the nanny inside the house.

Jason took about seven more minutes to regain himself and his voice. Once he did, he rushed towards the house. But then, another shocker greeted him. When he tried to take the knob and open the door, he found that he couldn't touch it. His hands kept going through it the way a ghost would. He attempted to knock on the door but still, his hands went through it. After so many attempts and the situation remained the same, he got frustrated and ran through the door into the house. He quickly walked up to Mrs Adaze and was about to tell her to stop the intruder but when he got to her and tried to hold her, his hands passed through her body. Mrs Adaze did not feel a thing, neither did she see him. She didn't even hear his voice. Mrs. Adaze simply walked past with the tray of food she was carrying. She placed the food on the table and called the stranger.

"Mr Jason," She smiled. "Your food is ready, just the way you like it."

"Thank you Mrs. A" the intruder said as he stood up from where he sat and walked to the dinning table.

Jason was confused. Mrs. Adaze thought the stranger was him and in turn, the stranger called her Mrs. A. the exact name he uses for her. Was this guy trying to take his place or what?

The intruder got up and walked to the table. As he went along, he turned towards  Jason's direction again and smiled to himself before taking his seat at the head of the dinning table. He looked very relaxed and familiar with the house, especially with the way things were done. He even ate his food the same way Jason did.

At that moment, one thing became clear to Jason. Some one had taken over his body and over his life.