Human Bait

Sweat trickled from her fore head down to her chin and finally, its tiny drops fell silently to the ground. The heat spread over her body, causing parts of her clothes to be soaked with sweat. Jane didn't care about that, she didn't even think about it because at the moment, her life was more important.

She ran none stop through the bushy forest without caring if the grasses cut her legs or if there were snakes lying under thick bushes just waiting to strike. What was important was that she knew her way around the forest and she was ahead in the race. However, being ahead didn't stop her from being afraid. True, the breeze brushed past her ears but that didn't stop her from hearing the sound of the beast behind her. Its sneers drew closer with every passing minute and she knew that if she was not fast enough, she would soon be meat.

Jane was the second child in a line of three children. Her father was a farmer and so was her mother. Together they built a big farm which rolled in lots of profits for them yearly. They had good and hard working employees who did everything possible to make the running of the farm smooth. To compensate his workers, Jane's father always allowed them go camping with his family.

Early that morning, Jane's father, mother, elder brother and baby sister went out with the truck and camped in their father's farm. They usually went camping every Saturday after working long hours in the farm. Some of the workers who didn't have commitments outside joined the family's camping activity. The camping activities were always fun and Jane always looked forward to them.

They had not arrived up to twenty minutes when her elder brother, Silas, suggested that they go hunting. Jane didn't refuse because she had gone hunting before and she really loved the excercise. Because she was a fast runner, she usually used herself as bait to lure out wild predators. On this occasion, she was very sure all would be well as long as she ran faster.

When they were ready to go, Silas asked for their father's consent and after getting it, they took the truck and drove deeper into the forest. The usual thing was that while her brother stayed in the back of the truck, waiting with his rifle set, she would go out alone as the bait. She used herself to attract the predators which were afterwards going to be used as meat. The reason she used herself as bait was because she was light in weight and also a very fast runner. She never failed in making sure she wasn't caught by the animals she lured. However, on this occasion, her legs were trying very hard to fail her because of a slight knee injury she sustained earlier at the farm. The pain was really trying hard to prevent her from running fast. She could feel the sharp pain eating at her but still, she moved on. Her life suddenly depended seriously on her speed and instincts. Her heart started to beat very hard and fast against her chest. She prayed it wouldn't burst out and make her drop dead.

As she continued to follow the trail Silas marked for her, she looked up and saw a T- junction ahead. She was happy because she knew that the chase was almost over.

"Which one am I supposed to take?" She asked within herself as she looked at the junction in front of her. She knew she was close to the finish line but at the same time, taking the wrong turn was definitely going to be the end of her and their silly hunting game.

"Remember Jane, you must go left." Silas told her before she went out. "If you go else where I won't be able to protect you."

"Yes Silas" She thought at that moment. "Left it is."

So when Jane got to the cross junction, she didn't hesistate to go left but by then, the beast was already so close to her heels. It sneered viciously while revealing long, sharp tooth. It wanted nothing more than to divore the meal in front of it.

Lucky for her, as soon as she turned left she was relieved to see her father's truck parked some distance away in front of her. Silas was in the back of it, set with his rifle. He aimed at the beast behind his sister. From the distance, he saw how close the tiger was to Jane but he didn't shoot. Instead he yelled at her.

"On my command."

As soon as the beast was ready to spring at its prey Silas yelled again.

"Jane down!"

Jane didn't hear what he said but fortunately for her, she kicked a stone and tripped over it. At that same moment, the lion sprang towards her. Revealing its stomach as Silas shot at it twice.

Jane screamed at the closeness of the animal. However, her screams got louder when she felt its weight on her back. The beast landed really hard on her and she thought it was her end. Now the beast was definitely going to feast on her. She expected to feel its sharp teeth bite into her flesh but all she felt was its weight and the only sound she heard was Silas' crazy laughter.

Within few minutes, she felt the weight lifted from her and when she turned and looked up, she saw Silas grinning from ear to ear as he looked down at the dead lion

"You did a good job sist." He said. "This is definitely a good catch."

Jane ignored him, stood up and dusted her body. "The next time you need a bait" She frowned at him. "Look for an animal, dead or alive, to use."

That said, she stormed off towards the truck. Silas smiled and brushed off her outburst. He knew that when he needed another catch, she would be there to give her support.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Silas carried the heavy animal over his shoulders and headed to the truck. He put it in and drove off.

When they got back to the camp, Silas wasted no time in preparing the fire that was used to roast the animal. The workers assisted him and even gave him a pat on the shoulder for a job well done.

Everyone was happy about having a giant roasted lion for dinner but nobody knew the dangers that came with having such delicious and satisfying meal.


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