Okay, I came across this blog post by Laurell Khamilton and it was
very informative. Being a writter myself, I realise that I seriously
have to sharpen my showing skills. Lolz. I have done a lot of telling
and some showing.


Writers are always being told – show, don't tell. That's great advice,
but what the heck does it mean? It took me years to figure it out as a
beginning writer, but once I did it became a filter I ran scenes
through whenever my writing felt flat, or lifeless. If you're a
beginning writer thinking, great for her, but how does that help me
figure it out, just be patient, because I'm going to give you some
examples from the book I'm currently writing. It's the twenty-third
novel that I've written in my Anita Blake series, and my thirty-sixth
novel counting one short story anthology, called Strange Candy. Why
not tell you the title of the book I'm going to use as an example,
because it's still untitled.

To read the full article just follow the link.