Conversation between a 5 years old girl and her mother.

On the first day of school resumption, a friend and I went to pick up her daughter from school. While driving home, the following conversation transpired.

Daughter:  Mummy! mummy!! Our teacher said we should buy that thing.

Mother: (Trying to concentrate on  her driving) What thing?

Daughter: That thing that they say we should use to be washing our hand.

Mother: I don't know what you are talking about. Doesn't it have a name?

Me: Didn't your teacher tell you the name?

Daughter: Errrrmmmm.... the name is .... I've forgotten the name oh.... but my teacher is selling it in class. She's selling it for N50.

Me: N50 ehn? Everybody must make money o! Even if it means milking parents dry.

Mother: That is it now. They don't pity parents at all. (To her daughter) Okay I've heard. But I still don't know what you are talking about.

Daughter: It's.. it's..  ehen! I remember now. It's stabilizer.

Mother: (Looks at her daughter with a confused frown) Your teacher asked you to buy stabilizer?

Daughter: Yes mummy.

Mother: For what now?

Me: (Already laughing) Wait oh! Are you trying to say sanitizer?

Daughter: (Smiling broadly) Yes!

My friend and I couldn't stop laughing. We all have to listen very well  to what our kids are saying so we can understand.

Cheers to every Nigerian as we celebrate our independence. Cheers to fathers, mothers and children.