Why I Haven't Been Posting Stories Like Before

Hello everyone! Hope you have all been good?

I know a lot of you are not happy with my silence but truth is, since I publish my stories after posting them for you to read, I can not continue because the people I publish with might start to think I stole someone's work when its the other way round. Apart from that, I did a background check on some stories I read on facebook especially then I went to some author and writter forums where they lamented that their works were being stolen by other people. There is a story making rounds now, the title is "Betrayer." Betrayer is a story written by one of the contributors at coolval.com. Not wanting the same embarrassment they got from me, Africans we proudly are asked permisssion from coolval before posting the story. Now this is what has happened. While Africans we Proudly are were posting, I did a background check and found out that some fans they have are actually admins of other pages. These admins copy the stories and post on their fan pages and some go as far as posting on their blogs. They do this without referencing of any kind. While my story was being posted, another admin was posting on his page too. He would wait for update. When the update comes, he would repost on his page. Most of the stories you read on facebook are other people's sweat. People who don't know whats going on. Those of us that know have decided not to post our most priced works or full novels again. We can post snipets but that will be all.

If you visit the literature section of nairaland.com, you will see lots of stories as well as complains of plagarism. That aside, I want you all to know that its not that I don't want to post. I miss posting and I miss my fans/readers but I have been too busy. The money from writing and selling books don't pay my bills o! Its not even enough. I have to work. I am trying to create time again for writing. I will post short stories and updates on new books but I will not post full novellas.

I really want to post again andI hope it would be sooner than later. Please forgive the typos. Have a great night.

NB: I'm happy to announce that I have completed "Trapped. (The Underworld)" As soon as some thorough editing has been done I will let you know.