Caught in the Act

One year old Lorine sat quietly in her cot and played with her doll even though she was tired of playing with it. She had to pretend like it was the best thing she had ever played with because she didn't want her mind focusing on the atrocity her mother was commiting at that very moment.

Right there in the sitting room, her mother was at it again. She was stark naked with the delivery man who was also naked, and on top of her. Their annoying moans filled the room, making Lorine even more angry and irritated.

Since the beginning of the week, she had withnessed her mother and the delivery man constantly doing what daddy does with her mum and she didn't like it. She had tried to tell her father about it every evening when he came home but she could not. Whenever she said something, it came out as

"Tahhhta taka!" Her baby blabing.

Nobody understood her. In fact, whenever she talked about it, her father smiled and said "I love you too my sweet heart." He didn't know she was actually saying "Mum has a lover."

However, she had had enough. Her mother had to stop playing her father for a fool. The man was too good to be treated like that. As she played with her doll in the cot, she started to think of a plan, one that would lead to her father catching her mother and the delivery man in the act.

For the rest of that day, Lorine worked her mind but she couldn't come up with a good plan. At night, her dear father came home and once again, she found herself not being able to report the issue. Her mother hugged him innocently and even kissed him. Later that night, when he wanted to touch her, she refused, saying she was tired due to the chores she did all  day.

"Chores my foot!" Lorine said as she kicked in her baby cot angrily. "How can you be such a liar mummy? What do you plan to teach me in the future? To lie?"

"Are you okay dear?" Her father asked as he got off the bed and came to pick her up. He had given up trying to be intimate with his wife because he knew it was a hopeless case. While trying to sleep, he heard Lorine kick in her cot and wondered what was up. He comforted her as he sat on the rock chair.

"What's the problem my darling?" He asked as he rocked her to and fro.

"Mum is cheating on you that's why she's tired." Lorine said with a frown as she threw her legs up in the air.

However, all her father heard was "tatastata kkat ...ta... ta..."

"What? The night is too cold?" He asked, Pretending to know what she had said.

"Cold has nothing to do with it dad." She replied, feeling frustrated. "Mum and the delivery man has."

"Don't worry my dear, I will get you a nice toy when I go out tomorrow." Her father said, since he couldn't understand her. "I'm having a very important meeting tomorrow you know. If things go well, I will become the next MD of the company."

"Well," Lorine said, "If things go well, Mum and the delivery man will become my next parent. They will probably run off with me and get married somewhere far away. You better do something about them" She said crying.

"Oh dear, now I made you cry. Are you hungry?" Her father asked.

"You're just so clueless." Lorine said as she gave up trying to communicate with her father.

However, her father went on and on about how hard and well he had prepared for his meeting. In the process, he carried Lorine with him to his study where he put finishing touches to his write up on marketing. As he worked, Lorine came up with a plan on how to get her mother caught pants down.

The next morning, she crept into her father's study and went straight to his suit case. She wanted to take out his documents so that he would come back for it later in the morning, when the delivery man would be fooling around her mother. Unfortunately, she could not open it, neither could she lift the suit case.

While still thinking about how to carry out her plans, she heard her mother calling out her name.

"Lorine dear, where are you?"

"Just leave me alone!" Lorine said frowning. "I have work to do."

Her mother heard her baby blabbing from the passage and came into the study to get her.

"There you are my little angel." She said as she bent to pick Lorine up. "Come here! Let's give you a hot bath."

"Oh put me down!" Lorine complained, but her mother didn't understand a thing she was saying.

After bathing Lorine and doing all her chores, her mother called the delivery man over. Not long after he arrived, they started to undress each other again. By the time they were finally naked, they heard the sound of a car driving into the compound.

"Oh my God! That must be my husband." Lorine's mother said.

"Your husband? What are we going to do?" Asked the delivery man as he quickly got dressed.

Without wasting another second, Lorine's mother quickly got dressed, pulled the delivery man away from the sitting room and headed straight to the spare room. There, she hid him in the wardrobe. After that, she went out to welcome her husband.

"Oh dear, did you forget something?" She asked innocently.

"Yes," he replied. " I forgot a few documents."

That said, he quickly rushed into the study while little Lorine crept to the spare room. She knew her father would look for her to give her a kiss before going out again so she wanted to do her best to reveal her mother's secret. She crept into the spare room and headed for the wardrobe which was slightly open. Just a little push was enough to make it open wide. Lorine sat close to it and waited for her father to come find her. Unfortunately, her mother found her first and quickly carried her back to the sitting room while scolding her for going near the wardrobe. Once again, Lorine's plan failed. In the sitting room, her father gave her a quick peck on both her cheeks before running out again.

"You are naughty!" Her mother said and spanked her bum lightly after her father left. "Do you want your father to know our little secret?" She asked with a frown.

"Not my secret mum, yours." Lorine replied.

"I don't know what you are saying baby, you know that. All I hear is taarrrrkkeattttaaaarr..., but I get the feeling that you are trying to sell me out."

"Exactly dear mother," Lorine said as her mother took her away to her room. "I'm sick and tired of you and that stupid man."

"Now you must go to sleep." Her mother said. "I have things to do and I don't want you disturbing me."

"Sure I understand." Lorine replied sarcastically. "You have a lover to attend to."

"I'm sure you understand dear." Her mother said before dumping her in the cot and going to the study. "You can come out now handsome," She said while taking off her clothes. "My husband is gone."

"Okay, so where did we stop?" The delivery man asked as he came out and undressed. He carried Lorine's mother in his arms and then placed her on the bed. There, in the spare room, they had three rounds of hot sex before he left.

By that time, Lorine had slept off after crying her eyes out because she was unable to let her father know what ber mother was doing.

In the evening, her father came home and not for the last time, she tried to communicate with him but to no avail.

However, late that same evening, Lorine's father went into his study with Lorine in his arms. As soon as he sat down, he put on the spare desktop computer which had been sitting quietly on his table. As soon as it finished booting, it displayed clearly, the different rooms in the house. Lorine frowned as she tried to understand what was in front of her. After rewinding and replaying some of his wife's past sex escapades, he moved on to the new one for the day. The one she had with the delivery man in the spare room that afternoon. Lorine's eyes widened in disbelief as realisation hit her.

"So you knew the whole time?" She asked excitedly with her baby blabbing sound. "Dad, you are the baddedst of them all.

"I know you are still very young my dear," her father said. "You probably don't understand the video in front of you"

"Hell yes! I understand everything daddy, and I have been trying to tell you. Now I see you know it all."

"With this videos I have collected," her father continued. "I am going to nail your mother, once and for all. At least I know you are my real child but, the next child she carries won't be mine. If she tries to seduce me to bed with her then, I won't refuse because I already know who owns the bastard. You see, when that time comes, I will strike and I know it won't be a small battle. Don't worry dear, I will win the custody battle because I won't ever allow her take you away from me. I'm not leaving you with that slut of a woman."

"Wow!" Lorine said after her father finished talking and continued to watch more videos. "And I thouhght you were very dumb." She laughed. She laughed so hard her father had to join her even thouhgh he didn't know why she was laughing.

His wife came in at that moment and asked what was so funny.

"You really want to know?" Her husband asked.

"Yes! I'm your wife right? So I need to know why my daughter has been laughing so hard. She does not laugh so much with me."

"Well yes, you are my wife and Lorine doesn't laugh so much with you." Her husband said after giving her question a brief thought. He then looked at Lorine. "I suggest we let your mother in on our little secret darling, what say you?"

Lorine didn't say anything but she laughed even harder.

"I take that as a yes." Her father said, smilling.

He then stood up from the chair with his daughter and left his wife alone with the computer. As soon as he was out of the study with Lorine, his wife frowned and wondered what was up with her husband before taking the seat he just vacated. However, she became dazed when she saw the video playing. Every part of the house had a cctv camera. She scrolled through the video footage for the whole week and nearly died when she saw what her husband had been watching.

She thought she had been smart and careful enough since she started cheating, but this? This was surely her end and she knew it. She had been caught in the act.