Home Alone on Friday Night

"Shhhhhh....." Simon hushed while covering his sister's mouth. "If you make noise they will hear us." He said whispering. "Promise not to talk again?"

Ella didn't say anything but she nodded her head in response. Simon  sighed in relief. Quickly, he removed his hand from her mouth and looked back at the little opening he created for himself with the wardrobe door. Unfortunately, it seemed the intruder already heard Ella's cries.

Simon's eyes widened in horror as the ray of light streaming in from outside revealed the dark, tall and masculine image of the intruder coming towards the wardrobe. Simon moved back from the wardrobe door in fear. He hugged his sister to himself and closed his eyes as he waited for the inevitable to happen.

Earlier that faithful Friday evening, Simon was in his room watching cartoon when his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Haderi announced that they were going out for a dinner meeting. 

"Will you be back soon?" Ella asked with a sad face.

"Yes we will." Her parents assured her.

Simon on the other hand didn't care if they came late. In fact he was happy to be rid of them. They always sent him on errands when all he wanted to do was watch tv.

"Just buy me something when you're coming." He said.

"Me too." Ella pleaded.

"Of course we will get you lots of things." Mrs. Haderi said. She pecked her children on their cheeks and hugged them. Their father did same and after that, they headed towards the front door.

"Make sure you look after your sister and make sure the doors are locked. Okay?" His father instructed as they headed out the front door.

"Yes daddy." Simon promised.

As soon as his parents were gone, Simon locked the door and threw the keys on the table. He was happily heading back upstairs to his room when Ella's voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Can I come with you?" Ella asked while hugging her doll to herself. "I'm scared to stay down here alone."

Simon looked at her and frowned. He didn't want any form of disturbance, especially now that he had good time to himself. Looking at Ella alone, he already felt disturbed but, she was his little sister and he couldn't help but give in to her plea.

"Do you promise not to disturbe me?" He asked.

Ella noded her head vigoriously in despiration.

"Okay, you can come." He stretched his hands to her and she quickly took it. Together, they went to Simon's room and watched different series of the Clone Wars cartoon. Since Ella promised not to disturbe, she quietly watched the series the best way she could and if there was any part she didn't understand, she let it go without asking questions.

The Clone Wars series was so interesting that Simon didn't know just how far spent time was. It was not until about 10:00 P.M that he heard a loud noise from outside. He looked up at the time, it was 10:01 P.M

"That must be mum and dad." He said. 

Before he went downstairs to open the door, he looked down at Ella. His little sister was already fast asleep so he didn't bother to disturbe her. He used the remote control to pause the DVD player before leaving the room and heading downstairs.

As soon as he stepped into the sitting room and started towards the door, he heard the noise again. This time, it was coming from the front door.  It was a thudding sound like someone using his body to hit the door hard. Simon froze on his spot and watched the door closely. He waited for the sound to come again or for the door to burst open. Different thoughts creeped into his mind but he was firm. Just when he was beginning to relax, the sound came again but this time it was louder.

"Someone is trying to break into the house." Simon thought to himself. His senses became very alarmed. For crying out loud, he was only a ten years old kid. How in the world would he take on grown men. He stood there and thought of different ideas to tackle the situation. The best he could come up with was to grab his sister and hide in the closeth. Without wasting time, he started to run back upstairs. As he did, the telephone in the sitting room rang. Simon's heart skipped a bit. He wanted to answer it. If it was his parents calling, then they couldn't have called at a much better time. While he thought of answering the phone, he noticed an unusual movement of a person's shadow outside one of the windows. With the help of the security lights, he was able to see that it was the shadow of a man. Simon quickly put off the sitting room light so he could see well but instead, the banging on the door started again, making his heart almost jump into his mouth. He decided it was best to get his sister and hide with her. He ignored the ringing phone and ran upstairs to his room. As he went, he put out the lights in almost every part of the house except the kitchen and batherooms.

When he got to the room, he quickly woke Ella up.

"Get up Ella. We need to hide." He said.

Ella got up and yawned as she robbed her sleepy eyes with the back of both palms. "Why?" She asked while still yawning. "Are we playing hide and seek?"

"No! We are hiding because there is a thief in the house. Now come." He picked her up and was heading to the closeth when he heard the front door finally burst open with force. The beating of his heart trippled. The hard beat almost made him believe his heart would pop out of his chest.

Not wanting to waste more time, Simon carried Ella into the wardrobe and joined her inside before shutting it. However, he didn't shut it completely. He left a little opening so that he could spy on the room.
However, Simon gasped when he noticed that the television was still on and the DVD player was still on pause. He quickly came out from the closeth and went ahead to put off the electronics from the wall switch. He didn't want to waste time putting them off one after the other. Once that was done, he ran back into the closeth and shut it quietly while still creating a small opening. From there, he watched with his sister. After about 2 minutes, some one stepped into the room. They couldn't make out his face because the lights were out. However, the light streaming in through the window from outside revealed the dark image of a man. He walked in through the open door with such hurry. It was like he was looking for something or maybe someone. He quickly looked around the room without putting on the light. Since he didn't find what he came for, he was about to leave but then, he heard it. He heard the voice of a little child. He couldn't make out what the voice said so he simply turned to face the direction the voice came from and walked towards it. He opened it but didn't see anything. Simon and Ella blended well with the darkness as they hid behind some clothes.

Not satisfied that there was nothing there, the man found the light switch on the wall and turned it on before going back to the wardrobe. 

Simon had already started sweating since the intruder opened the closeth door.  The sweating and heart beat doubled when the lights came on and with the closeth door still wide open.

At that moment, he thought about his mother and father and for the first time since that evening, he wished they were home instead of attending some stupid dinner party. He wished they were around to save him and Ella from only God knows who. Ella was just a four years old baby. She couldn't fight grown ups and neither could he. With his eyes still closed, tears started to stream down his cheeks. The foot step of the man drew closer for the second time and Simon knew this was the end of his hiding. However, instead of being pulled out forcefully and getting some beatings from the supposed intruder, something else happened. 

"Simon?" He heard his father's voice calling to him. Both Simon and Ella opened their eyes and looked up at him.

"Daddy!" Ella said happily as she moved away from Simon, came down from the wardrobe and hugged her father. He carried her and pecked her cheeks. 
Simon on the other hand, cleaned the tears from his eyes before moving to hug his father. A big smile was playing around his lips. 

"Oh thank God! You found them." Their mother said as she stepped into the room and joined the group hug.

After the long hug, they pulled back and their father had to ask Simon what happened. Why didn't he open the door for them and why was he in the closeth with his sister? Simon explained his own part. He explained his fears and why he did what he did.

"Oh Simon, " his mother said. "You did great trying to protect yourself and your siste, but, if you were not carried away with cartoons, you would have heard us knocking the door. We even tried calling but you didn't pick any of our calls. We called your mobile phone and the house telephone but you didn't pick any."

"I didn't know it was ringing." Simon said in defense.

"You really made us scared Simon," his father said. "Now we had to break into our own home just to make sure you two are safe."

"I'm sorry daddy." Simon said with his head hanging low. "I promise it won't happen again."

"Yes dear. We are going to make sure it doesn't  happen again." His mother said. "First, we are taking your tv away from your room. If you must watch cartoon, you will watch in the sitting room."

"But that's not fair, you people are always watching news and other boring talk programes." Simon protested.

"Yes." His father agreed. "You will have to learn how to watch them too. Also, no cartoon for you for one month."

Simon's eyes widened in disbelief of what he had just heard. Soon tears were coming out again. His parents hugged him in a comforting manner but one thing was clear,  they were not going to change minds about their decision.