Finding Mr. Right (Chapter 2)

The atmosphere at Tasty Fries was that of celebration as one of the top celebrity in town celebrated his birthday larvishly. The place was packed filled with important personalities and dignitaries. The celebration was at its peak and music filled the air. There was enough to eat and to drink. Even though it was afternoon, the fun was still on and Kemi was enjoying every bit of it. She loved parties or events which were mostly full of rich people. However, she had just finished from the dance floor with a male acquaintance and took her seat when her phone suddenly rang out loud in her purse.

Kemi was a dark complexion lady in her early thirties. She was tall and had the body of a model, even though she was more busty than some girls in the same size as she was. Kemi was a party freak, there was hardly a party in town that she did not attend as long as it was thrown by a high class citizen. She knew that even though she had no invitation, her beauty was all she needed to get a pass into such parties.

As soon as she settled in, she surveyed all the guys she could lay eyes on. Kemi knew that most of them were single and unmarried. Lucky for her, she was noticed by most of the men present. Some walked up to her to have a brief discussion which to her was a sort of interview. She knew the discussion was just to check her out and see if she was cool enough. Others just took her contact number, which she gave happily. However, there was this one man she had eyes on but he didn't seem to take notice of her, let alone say hi or ask for her contact. Right from the dance floor, even when she was with someone else, she had been eyeing him. Now that she was seated, she was trying desperately to come up with ways to get his attention when her phone rang.

"Hello, who is this?" She asked without looking at the caller ID because her eyes were fixed on the man she had eyes for.

"Like seriously, are you asking me that?" Helen screamed at her over the phone.

"Oh Helen! Sorry, I didn't know it was you?"

"Where are you now?" Helen asked, ignoring her apology.

"At a friend's birthday party of course. Where else could I be?"

"Well, we both know you're at a party but not a friend's own so get your slim backside over to St. Mary's Hospital. Edirin has just been admitted."

"What? Why? How? What happened to her?" Kemi asked feeling disoriented.

"I don't know Kemi. You just get yourself here as fast as you can. Leave those poor guys alone."

"Hey! Take it easy Helen. I didn't mention anything about being with a guy."

"You didn't have to. I know you're witch hunting them at that party. Let them go and you get your ass here."

"Arrrrggg!" Kemi yelled inwardly as she cut the call. Helen always knew how to be a thorn on her flesh. She would have ignored her and sit put but their best friend was in the hospital. "Maybe she's in labour." Kemi thought. But then, she realised that being in labour meant being in premature labour. Edirin's pregnancy was not even up to nine months, she still had a month to go. Resigning to the situation, Kemi eyed the man she had been targeting from a distance.

"Sorry handsome, but I need to go now."

She grabbed her bag, stood up from her seat and headed out. Her car was parked at the parking lot. By the time she got in and started the engine, something caught her eyes. The man, whose attention she had been trying to get, suddenly came out to the parking lot too but he was not alone. He was with a female guest and his hand was wrapped around her waist while her head rested on his shoulders. Kemi removed the sunglases she was wearing so as to have a better view. For some unknown reasons, the man looked her way and his eyes were fixed directly on her.

"Now you look at me, you twip." Kemi muttered under her breath. "Ever since you pretended like I was invincible. When I'm ready for you? I don't care if you are dating the presidents daughter, you will fall head over heels in love with me."

For some unknown reasons, the man started to smile at her. She smiled back innocently before driving out of the parking lot and into the main road. She was so angry that Edirin chose such moment to be hospitalised.

"How much more insensitive can a friend be?" She asked as she drove off through the busy Lagos road.

To be continued...

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