Finding Mr. Right (Chapter 3)

"What is it? What happened? What's wrong with Edirin?" Kemi asked, as soon as she got to the waiting room at St. Mary's hospital. Helen and Edirin's mother were already there with Ese and Voke.

"We don't know yet." Kemi replied. "I was with mama when the doctor called and so we came here together. All we've heard so far is that she collapsed and somehow, Otuke is responsible for it. She caught him having a go with another woman."

"What?" Kemi asked with raised brows. "Are you sure? Otuke?"


"My son in-law has become something else." Mama said with a sad tone, "How could he be so cruel to my daughter? And with her pregnancy too?"

"I can't believe this." Kemi said.

"You better believe it." Helen countered.

"But Otuke has always been a nice, gentle man. He has always shone that he loves his wife."

"Well, maybe he was pretending." Mama said. "I trusted him and now, see the result."

"Oh dear," Kemi said, as she took the empty seat next to Helen. She was taken back by everything she just heard. Otuke had always been a great husband, she seriously wondered what went wrong.

The three women became quiet and in deep thoughts as time went by. None of them expected Otuke to be a cheater, but, what could they do?

After about 15 minutes wait, Otuke suddenly showed up. He was still dressed in the casual outfit he wore to the beach. He looked really worried and confused. His brows were creased into a frown and he looked very unhappy. He walked up to the ladies and greeted them. Instead of replying his greetings they frowned at him, hissed and turned away like there was no one there.

"Where is my wife? What happened to her?" He asked, ignoring their attitude.

"Really? You're asking us that?" Helen asked with anger.

"I wasn't there, I don't know what happened. All I know is that I left her with the kids briefly and before I knew it, someone ran up to tell me my wife had been rushed to the hospital."

"So you're denying not being there?" Mama asked. "You deny having a go with another woman when she caught you? And then you denied her?"

"What are you talking about?" Otuke asked. "Why will I cheat on my wife? And on top of that, deny her?"

"That's a question we would like you to answer for us." Kemi said, as she stood up to face him.

Seeing that something was not right, Otuke did everything possible to defend himself, he tried to make them understand that he was being accused falsely. However, the women only saw him as trying to deny the obvious. For crying out loud, he was caught in the act by his wife! How else was he planning to play innocent?

"You can't fool us this time." Helen said. "We now know the kind of person you really are and, we are wary of you."

Otuke gave up trying to convince them and took a sit some distance away. He remained determined to see his wife, no matter what her two timing friends or her mother said. He was completely innocent of the accusations and he wasn't about to let them think he was guilty.

They sat, waiting for about 20 minutes more, before the doctor came out to talk to them. Otuke quickly rushed forward with the women.

"How is my wife doctor?" He asked, as soon as he was close enough to the doctor.

"She is alright sir." The doctor replied.

"Can we see her?" Mama asked.

"Yes you can but please, try not to disturb her too much. She still needs a lot of rest. Lucky for us, her baby is okay and so is she. We won't be having any pre-mature labour."

"Okay, thank you doctor. I will see you later in the office." Otuke said, and started to follow the women to the room where Edirin was.

"Sorry sir." The doctor said, quickly holding him back. "Only the women can go."

"But why can't I? I'm her husband."

"Yes I know, you just asked how your wife was doing, but, she made it clear that she didn't want to see her husband. Whatever it is you did to put her in this state, I'm telling you, if she sees you now, she will become worse. Just give her some time to cool off." The doctor added, when he saw the sad expression on Otuke's face.

"Yes doctor." Otuke said reluctantly, his eyes fixed on the room the women disappeared into few minutes ago. "I will do as you have asked."

That said, he turned around and left the hospital. He was sad, confused and angry at the same time. He did not cheat on his wife, he had never cheated on her, why will she go about, claiming to have seen him having a go with a total stranger. Worse, nobody wanted to hear his own side of the story. Heck! Even if they heard it, they wouldn't believe him. As he got into his car and drove off, he decided he was going to look for a way to see his wife at the hospital and explain things properly to her. He loved her too much and didn't want to lose her.