Late Night Movie

I woke up with a start, and for a while, I tried to get my bearing.
The room was dark but the security light from outside shown through
the closed window, thereby giving me a little, bright view of the
room. I sat up on the bed and rubbed my sleepy eyes with the back of
my palm. I tried to understand why I woke up the way I did. Just in
case you're thinking a bad dream was reaponsible, I want you to know
that bad dream had nothing to do with it. I didn't have a bad dream,
in fact, I hardly have night mares anymore. However, I was sure
something woke me up, I didn't know what but I decided to look around.
I got out of bed and went for the light switch. The first finger of my
right hand was already on the switch, ready to press it down and have
the light come on but I stopped. I stopped myself because I heard
noise and the noise, seemed to be coming from the living room. My
brows shot up as realisation downed on me. My heart raced
uncontrollably as I racked my brain for what to do next. I was home
alone that night. Dad travelled to Abuja for a business meeting and
mum went for an all night fasting and prayer session. My kid brother,
James, left earlier for boarding school. The school had just resumed
and he was eager to go back, home was suddenly too boring for him. I
didn't exactly like the idea of being home alone, especially at night
but, what could I do? To worsen my already bad situation, there was an
intruder in the house and I didn't know how I was going to get rid of
whoever it was. Different thoughts crossed my mind.

"Do I scream out to the neighbours for help? No, the intruder will
hear and come for me. Okay what do I do? Should I go into my wardrobe
and stay put? Do I call the police? Heck!! Even if I decide to call
the police, I don't know their emergency number! Oh my God! What do I

Soon, I got a stupid idea in my head. It was stupid but it was the
only thing I could come up with. I decided to go out and see who the
intruder was. Quietly, I sneaked out of my room. I didn't bother
shutting the door because I didn't want to make noise. However, I
almost met a brick wall when I got to the passage. The light there was
on. If I put it off, the intruder will suspect something and then come
in to check. If I walk through the passage with the light on, the
intruder might choose that very moment to want to visit the bedrooms,
after all, there were more valuables in there than in the sitting
room. If the intruder chose to come into the passage with the light
still on, then I will be caught.

I sighed and held my hand in my head. I was still trying to come up
with another plan to pass the passage undetected when PHCN struck.
Christ goodness me! Never in my life had I been so happy that the
light was gone. For the first time ever, I murmured a heart felt thank
you to the tweeds for taking the light.

Well, Since the light was gone, I felt it was safe to go through the
passage. With my heart beating hard against my chest like a hammer
against a nail, I gathered my courage and took my first step towards
the sitting room where the intruder was doing nothing to hide his
disturbing presence. As I got closer, the noise coming from the
sitting room became very loud and restless.

"God take control, please don't let anything bad happen to me." I
prayed as I continued down the passage. When I got to the sitting room
door, which was wide open, I slowly but quietly pulled the curtain
aside. At this point, my heart was as good as in my mouth, getting
ready to jump out at the slightest appeareance of armed men searching
the place.

However, as soon as the curtain was aside, the noise stopped "Oh God!
The intruder knows I'm here." I thought. "Is he quiet because he is
scared?" I asked inwardly.

Unfortunately, I didn't bother taking a torch light with me. Well, how
was I to know that PHCN was going to strick?

"I better go back to my room and get a torch." I thought. "The
intruder must be very scared now and wants to hide. No hiding sir. I'm
going to get you!"

Apparently, the intruder was scared, and I was suddenly so bold that I
even yelled out!"Come out you coward! Show yourself!"

Still there was no response. I quickly turned to go back to my room.
It was far better to quickly get a torch light and find the intruder,
than allow the coward escape me. I turned and started on my way back
to the bedroom but, I had taken only two steps when I bumped into
something tall, hard and smelling. I frowned as my heart raced.

"There was nothing behind me before." I thought. "Where did this
suddenly come from?"

I moved back and raised my hand to feel the object but then, PHCN
returned the light. I guess they reasoned "why should you feel the
object? When you can see it?"

As soon as the light came on and I saw what was actually in front of
me, I became more scared and almost peed in my night dress. I wanted
to scream but I could not, I couldn't even make a sound, no matter how
hard I tried. A hideous looking creature, almost like the monster in
the movie, predator, stood there and pierced me with its gaze. It
towered high above me and stood at a full 7ft.

I stood transfixed as my eyes widened with horror. There was just no
way I was going to stand there and let the monster deal with me. I
turned and made to run but the monster swiftly stretched its hand and
caught my arm. It pulled me back and turned me around to face it
before opening its claw like nose and screeching violently in my face.

It was at that moment I got my voice back and then I screamed until I
woke up. I was panting real hard and sweating all over. My night dress
was soaked but that didn't bother me. It was a dream, of course it was
a dream, but I thought I had over grown night mares? What then
happned? Why now? As the dream replayed in my mind that evening, I
heard distant screams from the television. I looked up at it and saw
that the movie, Predator, was playing. It was then I remembered that I
was actually watching the movie before I fell asleep. I had lowered
the volume very well because I didn't want to disturb the neighbours.

"Oh dear." I said, as I relaxed and stretchd on the long couch, where
I had fallen asleep. I was watching the film and since I was so
engrossed with it, it followed me into my dream. Well, no more. I
didn't want more disturbing dreams. Tomorrow was another day after
all, I could continue the film then. After I had relaxed enough, and
my heart beat was normal, I quickly stood up to put off the television
and DVD set. It was time to sleep and I didn't want to be disturbed
with nightmares or anything else for that matter. After putting off
the ceiling fan, I was going for the light switch, so as to turn the
light off but then, I heard noise, the same noise of someone
scattering something, the same noise I heard in my dream. Fear took
over but I gathered my wits and slowly walked to the passage. There, I
heard the sound coming from my bedroom.

My heart raced back to my mouth, getting set once more to jump out at
the slightest appearance of the Pradator. I looked at my bedroom door
with so much fear.

"If this was no longer a dream," I thought. "Then who, or what, was in
my bedroom?"