Man Arrested For a Crime he Didn't Commit

The police are at work again. My brother's closest friend has been in a very sad mood since last week Friday because his brother, Charles Akpode, was arrested. He was arrested because they suspected he was involved in a robbery. It won't be so bad if he really commited the crime he was accussed of. The man is innocent. To make things clearer, the real criminals have been caught and arrested. According to reports, they confessed that they don't know Charles Akpode, they've never met him before and they made it clear that he was in no way, involved in the crime.

Thorough investigation has been carried out and this man was found completely innocent. We expected that by now, he would have been released but, that's not the case. He was detained and asked to pay some money before he will be released. His people paid but the police wanted more. Their lawyer advised them to comply but they couldn't because they don't have the money the police are asking for. The most eldest among the brothers didn't like the stand the lawyer was taking and so he got his personal lawyer involved and sent the other one away. The new lawyer carried out his own investigation and seeing that the man was truly innocent, he asked the officer in charge of the case to refund the money which was paid earlier. The officer reluctantly complied and the money was returned.

Now the issue is this, because that money was refunded, the officer has refused to release the poor man. The lawyer was angry and in an attempt to get justice done, he went as far as reporting the case to the Edo State commisioner of police. The commisioner sent for the officer in charge, so that he could understand what was really going on. The funny part of the news is that the officer is suddenly no where to be found. Now that his oga at the top is involved, the guy is obviously scared.

The long and short of the story is that the innocent man, Charles Akpode, is still locked up. Please someone should tell me, how do we get justice in this country of ours? If a person has no higher connection, must he/she continue to suffer in the hands of corrupt policemen?

Please if there is anybody who can help with this case, any body who can secure that innocent man's release, please do so. We will forever be grateful for your help.

God Bless