A true Life story


Miracle Enweremadu

She was a damsel, with pointed nose, attractive physiognomy and thick long dark hair that rolled from east to west. Only her shape and stature could disintergrate millions of men.

Coppled with deligence, Sameta Kaimar was a distinguished girl who found herself in a poor but christian home, where secularity was highly abhorred and this constituted a major conflict to her life, as she claimed nature made her a social person, that she was not meant for inordinate religious practices.

"What a hell are you doing again? ", Her mother bawled.
Sameta was dumbfounded as her mother caught her again dancing and rolling her waist without music, in front of a mirror.
"I'm sorry mum" But this came rather too late as what landed on her cheek was heavier than a slap.

"Now get out of here! Stubborn girl!

Sameta wept out blood that day and regretted why she was born into a family, that detest dancing, which she really loves doing with great passion . But suddenly she felt relieved, as she remembered she was leaving for school, the next week for her university education after she had been offered admission to study Medicine which her parents had forced on her, instead of her cherished and dream Dance Drama course!
"Soon I 'll live. I'll continue my dance there. And none of them would know anything about it, let alone disturb me'', soliloquized she

Freedom, just as she thought, came to her at last on her first semester on campus. She went to parties and clubs and danced until her legs ached. Soon, dancing was more or less a kleptomania to her as she could not concentrate on her studies any longer.

On a fateful day, Sameta made that decision that ruined her life. She stopped schooling and startd a dancing career. Luck was on her side though, as she was loved by her audience and was invited to perform at various parties where she was heavily paid.

While her parents kept sending money thinking their daughter was in school, Sameta was busy running her dancing career and enjoying life not only on campus, but also in an apartment she had rented for herself in another area of the state.

However, as the saying goes, everyday for the thief, one day is for the owner, luck was not on her side as her mother was passing by one fateday and saw a figure like her daughter half naked on a stage dancing so romantically.

"What are my eyes seeing? " Mrs. Kaimar almost lost her breath. She was stunned and extremely disappointed. She stepped forward a bit and was sure her eyes were not deceiving her.

"My God, this is Sameta! " She furiously ran backward and saw a heavy stick on the ground. She grabbed it and began to run towards the stage where she, Samate, was dancing.
"I will show this girl" She ran still in the midst of the crowd.

Luckily, Sameta quicky saw her and knew she was her mother. She saw the heavy 'bamboo' stick with her mother who was advancing towards her at a very high speed. She knew there was danger ahead as the stick stares at her wickedly. She was confused and do not know what to do.

She cried out for help, but the enthralled audience didn't know what was happening. She yelled again to the surprise of the audience now, but they were rather helpless while her mother had almost reached the stage.

To avert the opprobrium, Sameta ran out of the stage, but there was no office to run into and her mother has almost reached her. She decided to run out of the hall and probably board an okada to escape.

As she reached the entrance of the hall, she looked backed and saw her panting and sweating mother still chasing after her widely. Sameta tried to run out to the Express road, oblivious to her that a train was coming. She accidentally ran into the train and was crushed to pieces!!!!

Her mother stopped and was dumbfounded in a state of coma. The stick on her hand fell helplessly. She opened her mouth widely and hot tears began to drip from her eyes as she watched the train drive and the blood of her daughter which litter the road.

WHO IS TO BE BLAMED? The mother Or the daughter?