Wow! I Love Her. Wedding Gown

Since yesterday, one of the news that has been making rounds is that of Solange's marriage to a producer and fiance, Alan Ferguson.

I'm not one to concern myself with celebrity marriages but this, this really caught my attention. Not because its Beyonce's sister that is involved or because everyone is talking about it, but because of the beauty and simplicity in the wedding, especially the outfit..

If there is anything I love so much in this world, its to not follow the norm . Lolz. I started wearing certain clothes after it had stopped trending, same with hair styles and shoes. If the whole world is talking about something, especially if its not important, I simply look for something else to do.

Now you understand why I fell in love with Solange'wedding pictures. First it was their arrival with bicycles, Solange's wedding gown was COOL!! her husband did well by not wearing the usual 'BLACK SUIT.' Then there was her bouquet resting peacefully in front of her bicycle. Her hair was not decorated with beads or flowers, just a normal afro. Please o! What else can one ask for? Lolz

I totally loved her style. Even one of my favourite actress, Sanaa Lathan, posted this on her fan page "Wow. The chicest, most flawless wedding ever."

So you see, even Sanaa Lathan knows that there has never been anything like it. Although, most of her fans don't agree with her. They see the wedding as a cult thing. They obviously don't like to see something different from the norm, when they do, they saw it as evil. The only thing I have issues with is the age difference. My God! That Alan guy is as good as her father. I don't know how women who marry older or younger men do it. I would rather remain single than marry a man I should call daddy, not baby. Lolz.

Well who cares? Solange and Alan had a great wedding, they are now husband and wife and I pray their union be blessed.

Happy married life to them, they just gave me a fine idea of what I should do for my own wedding. It will definitely be something classy but simple, something out of this world.


  1. i love it cos she didn't have to use a veil. Now i won't ask, "Do they always have to cover their faces?"


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