A Christmas Story (2)

"See, the last thing I remember was going to sleep. Please, just send me back to my body, please." Dafe pleaded.

"Dafe," the Angel called. "You are here, because you chose to be here. No one ever finds himself in a place he didn't choose to be. It's either you wished it, or karma is at work. In this case, you wished for it."

"But how? I never said I wanted to be in a cave, let alone a dark, scary one." Dafe denied.

"You didn't have to say so with your mouth. By choosing not to believe, you did this to yourself."

"Believe in what?"

"In God."

"So because I don't believe in God, I did this to myself?" He asked, bewildered.

"Yes. All atheist are in their own cave. Outside this cave is beauty, harmony, abundance, love, mercy, grace and the best of every good thing. But the minute you shut God out of your life, and claim he didn't exist, you build this cave around you. Here, you have no access to anything the father has to offer. God didn't shut you away from himself Dafe, you did this by yourself. Our father is out there, waiting for you to believe, waiting for you to breakdown the walls of this cave by believing. Only then will you be free."

"I see this as being forced to accept what I don't want." Dafe said, stubbornly.

"I only came here to explain things to you." The Angel said. "I will remain outside your cave, protecting you from there. But if you want the best of my guardiance, guidiance and protection, break down these cave walls. Free yourself. You did it with your mind and heart, you also have to undo it the same way."

That said, the angel gradually became faint, until he disappeared completely, leaving the whole place in total blackout. Dafe was perplexed. He couldn't just comprehend what had happened. "Why was he being forced to believe in someone that obviously didn't exist? Why was he caged by that man who now pretended that it was the other way round?" He had no answer to his own questions.

In order to be free, Dafe thought about different tactics to use. At one point, he even pretended to believe in God so that the walls would break down, but nothing happened.

"Seriously, are you are going to pretend to believe?" He heard a rough, snarling voice behind him. Scared out of his wits, Dafe turned around, but he didn't see anyone. The place was too dark and there was no light anywhere.

"Who are you? Show yourself!" He demanded.

Slowly, a red flame started to appear right in front of him. Dafe got frightened and moved back some more. The red flame soon expanded and inside of it was a heindous looking creature with two horns on its head. It had a long tail. Its teeth and claws were very sharp and above all, it was very black all over. It was indeed, grim.

"Oh God!" Dafe said, and ran to a corner. "The devil." He whispered.

"You see?" The creature laughed wickedly. "You couldn't recognise the Angel who came in earlier, you couldn't even tell he was an angel. You had to ask who he was, but me?" He laughed again, a vicious one. "You know exactly who I am. I am definitely more famous than the one who calls himself God."

"Get out!" Dafe yelled at it. "Go away from me."

"Go away? Why should I leave my faithful follower? Just like that? Especially now that he needs my help?"

"I'm not your follower, I don't believe in you."

"Oh, but you are an atheist my friend. You work for me. You help me convinve others not to believe in the other person, you know, the one who has put himself above us all."

"Get out! I don't want you. I don't want to have anything to do with you."

"They will test you." The creature continued, ignoring Dafe's outburst. "They will show you what they call history and human experience. It is better for you to not believe what they say."

"I don't want your advise, go away!"

The creature laughed! And laughed!! And laughed!!! Until it began to fade away and finally, it disappeared. Dafe squatted at the corner of the cave and cried like a baby. As a man in his late twenties, he had never cried before. He was thought that tears were for weak people. Did that mean he was weak? He didn't know the answer to the question. For about 10 more minutes, Dafe remained in his position, thinking of ways to manoeuvre the situation, but nothing came to mind.

Soon after waiting a while, a white light, like a portal to another world, suddenly formed in front of him.

"Go into the portal." He heard the Angel say, even though he was not physically present in the cave room.

"But why? Where will it take me?" Dafe asked.

"It will take you to the past. It's time you witnessed history."