A Christmas Story (3)

Reluctant but not having a choice, Dafe stepped into the light and soon, he was gone. Seconds later, he found himself in an empty street. It was night and most of the residents were asleep. The houses were built differently from the ones he was used to. their designs were different and they were small houses. They had chimnies on the roof tops and lanterns hung outside. There was no electricity, just lamps. While most people were in their houses sleeping, others, especially men, were in taverns, drinking away and talking about the latest news in town. Dafe remained in the street, looking around and trying to understand where he was. The place didn't look like Nigeria at all, neither did it look like Africa. The few people who walked past him were dressed like jews of old. They spoke their own language so he couldn't understand what they were saying.

Soon, he heard heavy boots, marching towards him. He turned around and saw armies dressed in Roman uniforms. The only other source of light was a very huge star, high up in the sky. With that, he was able to see their faces. The men were void of emotions. They looked fierce and completely cut off from human emotions. They marched up the street, towards Dafe. At a point, they finally stopped. Dafe was sure they were not seeing him, because if they were, he would have been the first to be killed. After the men had stopped for a while, the leader gave an order and soon, the men scattered, going into different homes and different streets. Dafe didn't understand what was going on untill he heard babies crying. Mothers begged for their babies to be spared and fathers got beaten for daring to stop the order of the king.

"This is the order of the king." One of the soldiers yelled at a man who he had just pushed down. "All babies born within this period, must die."

It was then Dafe understood where he was and what was happening. He was in the city of Bethlehem and it was during the time of Jesus' birth.

"But where can Joseph and Mary be?" He thought. "Have they escaped?"

"They are about to." A voice said to from his side. He turned and saw his Guardian Angel standing there.

"You are here with me." He said happily.

"Yes I am, because there are things you have to see."

In a twinkle of an eye, they disappeared from the scene. Dafe later found himself in a carriage with a man, a woman and a child.

"This is God's chosen family, Dafe." The angel said. "The man is Joseph, the woman Mary, and the child..."

"Jesus." Dafe completed for him.

"Yes." The angel agreed. "Feel free to look at him closely. No one is seeing you. The past is only replaying so you can bear witness to it."

Dafe moved closer and looked at the child. Baby Jesus was wrapped in a white cloth that seemed to shine. He was a fine little baby with bright, blue eyes. Despite the situation they were in, he seemed calm and happy. Mary felt so happy holding him in her arms, she looked at him with so much awe and love. After a long ride, they got to a small town and decided to rest briefly.

"Come Mary." Joseph said. "Let us get some clothes, water and food. The baby needs to rest too."

"Do I have to come with you?" Mary asked, with such a gentle voice. "One of us have to stay back to watch the horse. You know there is a lot of stealing going on these days, besides, Jesus is just okay here."

"You are right." Joseph agreed. "You stay here, I will be back shortly." Joseph left and the angel turned to Dafe.

"Time to go." He said.

"No, no, not yet." Dafe pleaded. "I want to see what happens next."

"Don't worry about them. They are under God's protection."

The angel took Dafe and they went on, visiting different phases of Jesus' life. From his growing up days, to when he went to the temple at age 12, to when he was baptized by John the baptise. He also witnessed Jesus' preachings, healings and the love he had for the people. Soon, it was time for him to be crucified. Judas betrayed Jesus and Jesus was taken captive. Dafe did not believe he could cry until he found himself crying like a baby, for the second time. Witnessing the beating those Roman soldiers metted out on Jesus, was just too much. They beat him like he was a common criminal. After that, they gave him his cross to carry before marching him to Calvary, where he was crucified. Three days later, all the pain and sorrows left Dafe's heart, as he witnessed the ascension. Jesus was indeed ressurected and he now lives in all his glory.