A Christmas Story. (4)

After that, the angel took Dafe to different cburches. There, he witnessed the many hidden, and some not so hidden atrocities that happened in the present day church. These atrocities were partly responsible for making him turn his back on christianity. The pastors preached only prosperity and forgot to teach about repentance and living according to the scriptures. Some of the pastors slept with women in the church, all in the name of healing and deliverance. Some performed hidden rituals on the congregation. Among the congregation, a lot of members were only in church for social purposes. Some where there to make new friends, some to get a husband or a wife, and others were there to meet someone who could give them a job. Only 10% were fully dedicated to Christ and the church. They were real christians who lived their every second and minute for God, as well as the spreading the true gospel. They saw the many atrocities committed by other members, but they ignored it and refused to stop worshipping God. After all, they were in church for God, not for man.

Dafe was moved by what he saw in those faithful worshippers. All the while he was in church, he only went because his parents went. He only obeyed his pastor because others obeyed. When they revolted or insulted themselves, he joined them. In the end, he found that he was in church for the wrong reason and he had started on a wrong foundation. He was suddenly determined to know God better and to obey his will.

Seeing the change in his heart, the angel left him and soon, Dafe was back to the cave where he was his own prisoner. However, the Devil was there, waiting for the arrival of his once loyal subject.

"You fool!" He insulted, as soon as he set eyes on Dafe. "So you chose to believe their story?" He asked, yelling.

"Yes." Dafe replied boldly. "I chose to believe, I chose the light and there is just nothing you can do about it."

"We will see about that. Without warning of anykind, the devil moved in on Dafe and pinned him up, against the wall. "You will pay for your betrayal." It snarled, as it started to strangle him.

Fortunately, Dafe's belief worked. The cave walls started to break down on its own until nothing was left. The angel who had been standing outside, walked up to the devil and with one swift move, sent him back to the pit of hell. Dafe was glad to be free, he was glad to be a believer. He was very happy about his own decision. The angel showed him around the beautiful garden, which had been out there all the while. Beacuse he didn't believe before, Dafe was shut away from the garden. Some distance away from the garden, there were some really beautiful houses, one that Dafe had never seen in his life before. The surrounding was also beautiful and full of people who wore white robes. Dafe later found out that they were both angels and believers, who were having a nice time preparing for the celebration of Jesus' birth.

When it was time to leave, Dafe was reluctant. He wanted to keep on living there and witnessing the things Jesus and his disciples went through in the past. Saying their story was easy, but experiencing it was something else. He begged his Guardian Angel for another history tour.

"If you stay here permanently, that means you will be dead in the physical world." The Angel said.

"Well, who cares?" Dafe asked. "I don't want the physical world, I want this place."

"When you finish your work on earth, Dafe, you will come here to stay permanently. But thats only if you finish well."

Dafe wasn't happy about leaving, but, he nodded in agreement. In a blink of an eye. He was sent back into his body.

Dafe woke up with a start, his eyes fluttered. After a while, they remained open. He was in his room and on his bed. He realised that It was morning already. Dafe remembered that he was feeling drowsy outside and that was why he had come in to sleep. The dream he had just woken up from played over and over in his mind. He was really touched by what he experienced. Just when a deceptive thought crept in, the angel appeared to him, live.

"Don't even think like that." He said, from the edge of the bed where he stood. "Everything you experienced was true."

Dafe was happy. He jumped up and hugged the angel. He was happy that his experience was real and he was glad to see his new best friend, live. Dafe ran to the bathroom, took his bath and prepared for church. It was the first time in over four years, he was going to church and he was so happy about it. With the same lessons he learnt from his experience, he went back to his school and countered everything his lecturers had ever taught. From that day henceforth, Dafe did everything possible to teach people about the bible and what it really stood for. Christmas became a day to look forward do and Dafe celebrated it to the fullest, with friends, family and loved ones. He didn't celebrate because it was a day to party, he celebrated because he understood the reason for the season.