A Christmas Story

It was the night of Christmas Eve. The dryness and coldness of the harmattan really affected the residents as well as any living thing in Darogo town. Everyone wore sweaters as they sat outside their respective
houses, chatting away into the night.

Dafe sat in his father's compound, staring into space. He was a young man in his late 20s, about 5ft in height, not so slim and not so fat. he wore
well trimmed side beard on a neat low cut. Dafe was a graduate of philosophy, from the Delta State University, Abraka. Ever since his early. days as a student, some of his lecturers did everything possible to brain
wash him and a lot of his class mates, with talks and fake proof of the non-existence of God. They gave different thought patterns, as well as behaviours and real life experiences as proof that God only existed in the
human mind. For a year plus, Dafe did everything possible to raise points that would counter what his lecturers taught, but nothing good came to mind. Soon, he bought their idea and became an atheist. He stopped praying, he stopped believing in God and he stopped going to church. At first, he thought something tragic would happen to him, but after two more years as an unbeliever, he was still very okay. He was healthy, he had money to spend, he made more friends and he had a great job.

"There is really no God." He said to himself and laughed. "Man is his own God and people just don't know it yet."

To him, human beings were just so gullible, allowing pastors deceive them into paying huge sums of money all in the name of tithe and offerings.

Now it was Christmas eve. Everyone was happy about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Dafe laughed at them secretly, even his own mother
was not spared. Throughout the day, he watched people go to the market and return with food items like cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, pepper, rice,
groundnut oil, fish, meat and live chickens. Some others who were scared of killing live fowls, bought frozen chicken. Dafe was so amused, he definitely was going to eat to his satisfaction, but that didn't mean he
believed in what they were celebrating. Dafe stayed on his own but for the yuletide, he decided to come spend time with his family.

Early that same morning, after he arrived, he asked his two siblings, Ese and Ovo, What Christmas was about?

Their answers were different. "It's a day to celebrate and be happy. I'm also going to several parties today brother, its grooving all the way." Ese, the youngest of them, said.

"Its a day we put aside to celebrate the birth of our lord, Jesus Christ." Ovo answered maturedly. "You should know that brother, you taught me."

"I know I did." Dafe admitted.

"Then why are you still asking?"

Dafe didn't say anything. He simply walked out smiling. Ovo was right but Ese's answer to his question was what most people thought. They all believed that christmas was time for partying, clubing and having fun. Anyway, what was his business? He didn't believe in the existence of God, let alone Jesus. There was no need flogging the issue.

That evening, as he sat outside, breathing in the cold, dry, harmattan air, he suddenly felt drowsy.

"Oh!" He complained. "Its too early to sleep." He tried to resist but he couldn't. Not wanting to battle anymore, he went into his room, shut the door and jumped on the bed. Within a minute, he was fast asleep.

While asleep, Dafe suddenly found himself trapped in a dark, cave room. He frowned as he looked around.

"What is this?" He asked, out loud. "Where I'm I?"

In response to his question, a white light, started to form at the opposite end of the cave. As it grew bigger, it became brighter. Soon, Dafe couldn't look at it again. He put his hand over his eyes to shield it from the
brightness, but that wasn't enough, he had to close his eyes too. After what seemed like ten to fifteen minutes for Dafe, he heard a calm, reassuring voice, right in front of him.

"Do not be scared." The voice said.

Dafe opened his eyes and behold, there stood a man in white. He was tall, 6ft plus, in height. His hair was white but his skin was a chocolate brown.
He eyes blazed with white fire and so did his whole body. He was the very presence of Majestic, beautiful, handsome, awesome and much more. Dafe
looked at him with wide eyes. Surprisingly, he didn't need to close his eyes again, even with the brilliancy of the light emanating from the man.

"Don't worry my dear," the being said. "I reduced my vibration, that way, you can see me. You don't have to close your eyes."

"Who are you?" Dafe asked. "And where I'm I?"

"I am your guardian angel, son. This place, this cave we are in, is your own world. A wall you built by yourself."

"I don't get it, I didn't build any wall." Dafe denied.

"You didn't built it physically, you built it with your thoughts and your feelings."

"But that is impossible, I'm not god."

"God, my dear, not god." The Angel corrected. "One starts with a capital G, that is for our father."


  1. I wonder how someone will stand up and say GOD don't exist, it is just like saying 'I DON'T EXIST'. People just try to give baseless argument about the existence of God. I believe in God and I believe that He (God) exists. Waiting for the second episode...the outcome of Dafe's conversation with the angel.


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