Is There Anything Love Can't Do?

Love is something that one can't truly explain. It comes to us when we least expect it and then plants its self deep in our hearts. Love makes us do things we ordinarily will not do.

I saw something today that made me remember a true life story I read on, about a beautiful girl and a dirty bus conductor in Lagos. I smiled as I read the story but laughter took over when I read some funny comments from people. I will summarize the story for you, so that you have an idea.

The story was about a bus conductor, who after filling his bus with passengers, refused to allow a girl, according to the writer, a very pretty girl, sit in his own corner of the bus. The bus was already filled up and he didn't want to inconvenience himself. After so much begging from the girl, who also laughed with him and cracked jokes, the conductor allowed her share his corner and the bus moved on.

During the short journey, the conductor teased and teased and teeeeased the girl. But the girl didn't mind, instead, she held hands with him and even when he mistakingly spat on her face while talking, she didn't turn away, she didn't insult him, she just kept smiling and chatting with him. From their conversation, it was discovered that the girl was a Unilag student.

Well, to cut long story short, the girl eventually got to her destination. She got down and paid the conductor. Before she left, the conductor asked for a peck. The passengers teased him for wanting more even though he was joking. However, at the last minute, the girl jumped forward and gave him a peck on his cheek. Everybody was surprised, including the conductor. His request was a joke so he never expected it to happen. The passengers hailed him and he felt like a king.

During the rest of the journey, however, he was quiet and sad. Soon, he started crying. When asked what was wrong, he said he was sad because he was not educated, therefore, he would never be rich or have enough money to have a girl like the one that just pecked him. She was kind and even though he was unkept and dirty, she still laughed with him, joked with him, held hands with him and on top of it all, pecked him. He knew that she was a special girl, different from a lot of other girls he had met in the past. He would have loved to go after her and make her his own woman but he could not, because he knew he had no money and neither was he educated.

Wow! I'm sure that before his encounter with the girl, he had never bothered to think about his situation and how to make it better. I'm sure that being an iliterate never bothered him before and neither did his physical appearance. I won't be surprised that when people see the conductor again, he will be well dressed, neat, smell good using one of Gio Gio Amani's perfume, lolz. He would be in school or would have taken entrance exam to go back to school, he would probably start saving well so that he can have reasonable money for good and profitable business, at least untill he can graduate from school and get a well paying job.

"Love! Is there anything it can't do? Hehehe..."