The Lost Tale

The night was suddenly cold, quiet, and very gloomy. The fog made it even more scary, as we could not really see into the short distance before us. However, we braced up.

It was weird as Jane and I suddenly found ourselves in a cannoe, where we were going, we had not the slightest idea. The water around us was black and from time to time, little black fishes jumped out of it, while giving a shrilling sound that pierced the silence of the night, and then, went back in. Jumping in and out wouldn't have been a problem, but then, the fishes were no ordinary ones. They had very big eyes and head on very thin and almost skeleton like body. They were indeed, ugly and scary.

"Are those fishes? Or what?" I asked, frowning.

"The real question here is, where are we?" Jane asked, as she paddled the little cannoe we were in.

"I don't know Jane, I seriously don't know." I replied, taking my eye off the water and dead looking fishes. "This is really scary."

The silence around us was grave, so much so that our heart beats could be heard. We watched the water and the surroundings, hoping to find a solution to our predicament, but there was none.

However, we soon got to dry land and we were happy to get out of the cannoe. Lucky for us, the fog didn't get to shore. It remained only above the black river.

After studying the environment for a while, we discovered that we were in a sort of evil looking island. About 10 feet away from shore, were tall trees with small light bulbs on them. We were grateful for the light bulbs because the sky, was covered with dark clouds which made the moon light very blur. At least with the light bulbs, we were able to see what was in front of us.

"Where do we go from here?" Jane asked.

"I don't know Jane." I said thoughtfully, before turning to look at her. "Do you remember anything?" I asked.

"How do you mean?"

"Do you remember the last thing you were doing before we got here?"

"No, no. I don't remember anything."

"I don't remember anything too." I sighed. "Okay then," I said, bracing up! "let's just go on. Hopefully we would find someone to help us."

We made the sign of the cross on our chest and forehead, before walking into the forest. While inside the forest, we heard flapping and hooting sounds on the trees, but we did our best to ignore them. As long as we were not being attacked, all was well. We moved on for about 15 minutes, looking around and wondering what was to become of us. Suddenly, we got to a wide clearing. The open field would have been nice, at least one wouldn't think of snakes or continue hearing Owls up in the trees, but it was not so. Right in front of us, in the large clearing, we saw what we had never seen before. There were giant gorillas dancing to the sound of drums being played by three other gorillas. They danced round a very big camp fire and as they did that, they made different sounds that sounded like chants.

"We better hide" I said. "We better go far away from this place before they even know we were here."

"But we can't." Jane said, her eyes fixed on something that I hadn't seen yet."

"Why?" I asked. "Why can't we go?"

"Don't you see that cage? There?" She said, pointing at a box made of wooden bars.

The box was close to the camp fire. It was about the height of a regular loud speaker, and the lenght of..., well, we didn't see the length well.

"So what about it?" I asked, not bothering to look at it any further.

"There is someone in it, Phil. I think they may use him for sacrifice or eat him."

"Look, it's not our fault he was captured, okay, if we stay here, trying to be heroines, we will get caught and eaten too. There is really nothing we can do for him now."

"Why not? We should help him."

"No way!"

Not wanting to argue with Jane anymore, I took her by the hand and pulled her along. Unfortunately, we had only taken few steps back into the forest when rusty spears were pointed at us. We pulled close to each other in fear, as our eyes looked past the spears and rested on the ugly faces of three angry gorillas.

"Uga.... uga..." the one in front yelled at us.

"What is he saying?" I asked, already scared out of my wits.

"I don't really know, but, maybe..maybe it wants us to go back." Jane said.

"No way!"

"Uga! Uga!! Uga!!!" The gorilla yelled, as it moved forward and angrily pushed us down. "You go back, and join the festival."

"What?" I said with eyes wide open, while still on the ground. "Did it just talk?"

"Get up and move!" It ordered, pointing its spear at us again.

Since we refused to obey, the other two simply pulled us to our feet, and dragged us towards the camp fire. When the other gorillas saw us, they were happy, their chants increased, the drumming became louder and their dance formation took a different dimension. At that moment, I knew that we were nothing but meat.

To be continued


  1. Awesome! I enjoyed this one. Uga! Uga! Karo! ... Translation: Please eat only Karo! LOL

    1. Lolz. I Created them o! They can't eat me.


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