Don't Pick it Up! Don't Step on it.

So it was night, and after a very stressful day, everyone was back in the house. The tradition is this, 'anyone that comes in last, must be the one to lock the main gate. However, I was feeling up to it so after the last person came in, I took the keys and went out side with a torch. Trust power distribution company now, putting people in darkness is their hobby. Don't ask 'what of the gen o!' Haba! Running gen everyday of the week na small thing? Lolz. That money constantly spent on fuel, can serve a better purpose. True or false? Lolz. Don't answer.
Anyway, I pointed my torch to the ground and looked very well as I went along. When I got to the gate, I wanted to put the torch aside so as to have free hands to pad lock it when I saw something. A black, not so long object, that looked like a fat rope. It was a little longer than a full pencil but not as fat as it. The object was playing jingle over, by it self, close to the wall of the security house. I looked at it properly and as realisation downed on me, I shouted "Hey!!!"

While still standing there, with my torch pointed at it, I raised alarm.

"You people should come oh! There is a snake in the compound."

Trust the men. Within seconds they were out with sticks and one of those long cutlass for brushing grasses.

"Where is it? Where is it?" My father asked.

Hmmmm... Don't try my papa o! Old age refused to weaken or slow him down. He is ever ready to face anyone or anything that posses as a threat.

Now, back to the story. You see, animals are indeed sensible. When I raised alarm, the snake stopped playing. It instantly knew that danger was around the corner. What did it do? It moved away from the wall, towards a small dry leaf. The leaf was from the avocado pear tree in the compound. For those of you who know the tree, you know that the leaf is not so big in size. Now, as small as that leaf was, the snake hid under it, comfortably. No part of its body could be seen. So when my father asked "Where is it?" I pointed at the leaf. At first he found it hard to believe but all the same, he smashed the leave with the cutlass. The leaf flew away and below it was the snake. Black and coiled. Knowing that its end was near, it quickly turned and ran towards the gate. My dad followed it and even struck at it again, but, the snake made it past the gate. by the time we opened the gate and looked out, it had disappeared.

The snake may have escaped, but I am sure it didn't escape without a serious wound. So the next time you see a small harmless leave, like the one in the picture, don't pick it up, don't step on it. Who knows? There might be a black, long rope underneath. We all know what that rope is, don't we? Hehehe...

A word is enough for the wise.