Game of Thrones (My Own Version)

I covered my head with a hood and walked confidently through the passage that lead to the dungeon. There were wooden, fire torches lined up on the wall. It was mid-night and so I thought everyone had gone to sleep. However, I was wrong. At the other end of the passage, five prison guards stood and watched, as I approached.

"Who are you?" One of the prison guards asked, as soon as I was close enough.

"I'm here to deliver a message to the prisoner, a message from the queen." I replied.

Without another question, they let me pass. I walked past them and went straight to Tyrion Lannister's prison room, opened the door and walked in. He was sitting on his little bed when I walked in, but as soon as he saw me, he stood up.

"Who are you?" He asked, with suspicion. At that moment, I took off the hood.

"Don't be afraid Tyrion, I'm here to break you out."

He frowned amd looked at me with doubt in his eyes. "Who sent you?" He asked.

"No one." I said. "I know you are innocent. I have watched everything and everyone. I know you are innocent and I know where Sansa is."

"What? Where is she?" Tyrion asked impatiently.

"Little finger took her away against her wish. She would have loved to be here to support you but she can't. Little finger, or shpuld I say Lord Baelish, wants to marry her so that he can rule the north in her name."

"No way! Not when I'm alive." Tyrion yelled. "I will kill him before he tries it. I won't let him hurt her."

"Good!" I said. "Now let us go, we have little time on our side."

Tyrion nodded in agreement and then, I used a spare key I was holding, to unlock a second door. One that had no guards waiting outside of it. The door led to a passage, which led to an underground tunnel. After several minutes of walking, with Tyrion either insulting me or saying his thanks, we came out of the tunnel. The surrounding was laid out beautifully with trees, rocks and wild flowers. The sky was a clear blue and a gentle breeze swept through, making the weather even more friendly.

"We need to visit Cathaline Starks's sister," I said. "I don't remember her name. Sansa is there with her, little finger too."

Tyrion didn't respond to my suggestion. Instead, his expression became serious, uneasy and even worried, like he was late for something. He walked up to me and said. "I can't wait. Please make sure you blend the tomotoes and pepper on the table, then make stew before I get back. I have to go now, I'm getting late.."

There was no table around, neither could I see tomatoes or pepper anywhere. "What? what are you...." I didn't finish my question before he began to shake me vigorously. My eyes flew open at that point and I saw my mum bending over me. She placed one hand on my body and was shaking me, wanting me to wake up.

"Did you hear what I said?" She asked when she saw that my eyes were open.

"Yes" I replied. By this time I was stretching and yawning, like there was no tomorrow.

"Okay, so I'm off." She said, and left.

So you see, it turned out that the movie I was watching the night before, followed me to dreamland. The movie was 'Game of Thrones.' I particularly didn't like that Tyrion Lannister was being blamed and sentenced to death for the murder of that stupid, boy king, Geoffery. Tywin Lannister who should know better, does not. He is willing to kill his own son. Why? Because he is a dwarf? I really wanted to help Tyrion out, so I did. However, it was only in my dream. Lolz