He Finally Gave Up

I happen to live in an area where ALMOST everyone is a gossip. For those who live in my area, if you are reading this post, all I can say is 'sorry.' The truth is, I have never hidden the fact that I don't like mixing with people who make it their duty to jump from one house to the other, telling lies about what they did or did not see/hear. Because of this attitude of most of the residents, I have no friends, only acquaintances who I exchange greetings with. For nine years now, I have lived in that area and for nine years, I have refused to have close relationship with anyone in the area. My decision affected the guys who wanted to try their luck with me. Unfortunately for them, I didn't give them a chance. Even the good ones among them are also affected.

My elder brother once said to me, "These good guys you are chasing away, do you know if one of them is your God chosen husband? Abi you no know say you don over reach to marry?" Lolz.

"I know o" I said, "But my God chosen husband cannot be from this area. If he is, I will simply go to a convent and forget marriage." Lolz.

We laughed over it then. However, there is this young man, he should be in his thirties. Whenever he sees me coming, he stands at the side and looks at me. I used to wonder why, until one day, I looked him straight in the eye and what I saw made me laugh. He wants me to greet him, then he can introduce himself and see if there is any possibility of a relationship. Some guys are funny sha. Any way, don't ask me how I know, I just know.

In the past, I used to greet a lot, both men and women and boys and girls alike. Soon, I discovered that whenever I greeted some guys, continously, over a certain period, these guys started to want something more. Some went straight to the point. They made it very clear that they wanted sex. The others, however, tried to sugar coat what they wanted. However, I turned all of them down and stop greeting altogether.

Because of this trend, I stopped greeting random guys. I only greet those I know or the elderly ones. However, in this guy's case, for over two years now, I still see that look in his eyes. I said to my self "When you don tire, you go rest."

Well, thank the heavens, he got tired of hanging around to get my attention and I was happy. Unfrotunately, I didn't know he had another plan in mind. I was going out last two weeks when this man drove up to me. He was driving his elder brother's car. I know because I happened to be in the area, when they celebrated the arrival of the new car. He drove up and packed close to me but, he didn't say anything. He just looked at me. I ignored and walked past him, but he drove up again. The same thing happened. I frowned at him and walked away again. Obviously getting the message, that I am not interested, he drove up again but this time, he went further, picked two girl's in front and before driving off, he turned to look at me. He had this look that said. "Since you dey bone, you go trek today." I smiled as I watched him drive off.

"Before unko." I thought. "God blessed me with good legs. I can trek. Hehehe..."