In The Name of Wanting Your Money Back, Can You go this Far?

So you see, I was on my way to Warri on Friday for a friend's wedding. When I got to Ring Road, buses were not so much. I thinks it was because of the holiday. However, while I was waiting, a man, probably in his early thirties, suddenly appeared by my side with a fair complexion girl. She should be somewhere around her mid-twenties.

"You no dey hear abi?" He was telling her, while pulling his own ear. "You go tell me if you give me money any day, wen you come feel say you fit dey disturbe me. I no dey owe you money. You go tell me which money you give me." he repeated.

At almost the same moment, a bus pulled up in front of us and we rushed in. You know naija now, if you no rush na slack you dey slack. So we got in and the bus started towards Sapele Road. After a long ride, the guy, who was sitting in front, received a call and he answered.

This was his conversation: "Guy I dey o!" He said into the receiver. "The girl still dey follow me o!" I don warn her but still, she no wan hear. She go soon see wetin she dey find. Okay na, no wahala, I go halla you wen I reach."

At that point, I turned to look at the girl, who happened to be sitting next to me. She didn't look bothered, if anything, it was determination I saw in her eyes and expression. As long as she was concerned, The man was only delaying the inevitable. I couldn't help but wonder.

"Why would a girl follow a man who obviously didn't want to see her?" She was following him everywhere, even as far as getting into a bus with him, even if she had to pay for the transport service. Whatever amount of money that man owes her, to me, its not enough to risk her life. I only hope she didn't follow him to a danger zone and got hurt in the process.