If You Were Him, What Would You Do?

Although he was very tired after a long day at work, he was happy to be under the beautiful moon light. The wind blew softly, giving a soothing feel to his skin. He closed his eyes as he relished the cool and soothing touch of the night breeze. He looked up into the heavens, there, he saw the half moon.

"Oh! I wish it was full." He thought. He was one who loved full moons and he always looked forward to it. However, the half moon was better than nothing. While the night was a little windy, the moon was blurred by dark, rain cloud. The cloud was so thick that even the stars could not be seen. "Rain oh rain!" He muttered. "Please let me get home first, then you can fall all you want."

He would have loved to walk fast, but he could not. He was too tired for that. Unfortunately, Power Distribution Company were at their best. There was no light. Not minding the black out, he walked until he got to a church premises that had a bush path leading to the next street. Since he was about to take a bush path, he thought of putting on his phone's torch light.

"No no no." He thought. "I can't do that. What if some bad guys are around? I don't want anyone to see me coming. Better to remain in the dark."

So without the torch light, he relied solely on the not so bright light of the half moon. He whistled and strolled along happily untill he got close enough to the bush path. There, he saw and heard a swift movement on the ground, right in front of him. Having an idea what it could be, he quickly jumped backward and moved away from the spot. Once in safety, he wasted no time in bringhing out his phone and putting on the torch light. He was just in time to see a big, black cobra, darting into the bush by the right side. His heart raced. He wondered what would have happened if he hadn't been alert. Being a man, he decided to waited a while longer, so as to be sure that the snake was really gone. There was no way he was going to turn back just because of a snake. When he was sure enough, he moved on, but this time, with his torch light on. He walked as fast as he could, not wanting anymore scary surprises. As soon as he came out from the bush path and into the next street, he relaxed. Inwardly, he thanked God for safety.

Still under the moon light, he saw a boy, about 20 years of age, coming towards the bush path. From the look of things, the boy had the intention of taking the same bushy path to where ever he was going.

"Oh boy, no pass there o! Go pass another place." The one coming from work told the boy.

"Bros why na?" The boy asked.

"I just see one wicked cobra for there just now."

"Eeehn? Cobra?"

"Yes o! Go pass the other side, at least, bush no dey there."

"Bros thanks o! I go just turn dey go house."

"You fit pass the other side now, no need to turn back."

"No o! I no go again. Make i just dey go house."

Lolz. This was my brother's experience three nights ago. I can't thank God enough that nothing bad happened to him. If he wasn't alert, I would have been writing a different story. I'm also glad he finally used his torch light.

So now, over to you. If you were the young boy and you were told that the path you were about to take, had a cobra hiding in it? What would you have done?