Its a Cow Show out There

Well, we all know that our country is famous for having Abokis take their cows through the streets that belong to human beings. Its only in our part of the world that I see cows struggling ownership of the roads with human beings. Sometimes, they don't struggle. They just take over and press the pause button on you. Whether you are getting late for work or not, whether your baby is crying at home due to hunger, whether your bank account is being hacked or not, whether you are running late for your wedding or an interview, those cows are not interested. They want to eat, have a long stroll and stretch their legs, nothing else matters. The area I stay is even worse. Because of the many bushes and uncompleted buildings, Abokis come around more regularly. The untarred roads are always lined up with green poops. Most of them are dysentery like so, they just flow. Ewwww... #coveringmynoseandeyes.

Something has to be done. A law has be be put in place to stop these Abokis from taking their cows out on the streets and even tarred roads. They have to be called to order. The pollution caused by these cows is just too much. The smell from the cows, the smell from their poop and the smell from their urine is not pleasant, neither is it good for our health.

The other day, I was going to work. As usual, there were lots of green poops on the way. I side stepped them and continued on my way. I was still some distance away from the junction when I heard passers by and shop owners yelling. I wondered who they were yelling at until I heard them say "Mallam see your cow o! Take your cow." I was wondering why the whole street was telling a mallam to see his cow until I got close enough to see that at the other side of the junction, two cows had gone into a nearby farm where corn and some vegetables were'd planted. They ate some of the crops before their owner, in response to the people shouting at him, came for them. This is bad. It is not the first time, neither is it a new thing to find cows in people's farms, eating away the farmer's hard work. There are lots of farms in my area and the farmers are constantly complaining about cows destroying their crops.

So, back to the story. As the Mallam tried to take his cows away from the farm, a male voice from the crowd that had gathered, threatened to beat him if he failed to remove the cows in time. On hearing the threat, the Aboki stopped and looked into the crowd, as if trying to find the person who threatened him. However, not knowing who the person was, he said something in his dialect. I don't know what he said, but his expression made me believe he was saying. "No try am o! If you touch me I fit kill you." Lolz.

Anyway, he succeded in chasing his cows out of the farm with his long stick but he was pissed. Pissed at the cows for making people yell at him when he was only doing his job. Even after the cows were out, he chased and beat them with the stick. Afraid of their owner, the cows ran. Unfortunately, the people who were coming towards the junction from behind, got scared. They didn't know what was happening. They thought the cows were after them so they too turned and ran. It was hilarious. I almost forgot I was late for work. I mean, picture this.

An Aboki chasing two cows with his stick. The cows run fast for fear of being beaten and wounded. People coming from behind don't really know what's going on, so, they turn and run. They are scared that the cows will attack them.

Na wa o! Naija we hail thee. Can't the government provide a place for these cattle herders? A place that can be used as a cattle ranch for feeding and caring for the cattles. That way, they will maintain their weight, their smell will be with them and their shades will be constantly cleaned out. Pheww...... I hope and pray that our government will one day look into this menace and curb it. I'm tired of perceiving their sh.......t when going out, tired of stepping on them when coming at night. I'm tired of having a cow stare at me. The look in their eyes make me wonder if they plan to pick me up with their horn. Please oh, our government. Please do something about this.

God bless and Cheers!!!


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