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Lots of people are suddenly going into comma, or that's what the doctors think. The hospitals are filled with patients, the media is agog with the news of people suddenly passing out, as well as Jason's story on the existence of the body snatchers. Both stories are related, but, will the people believe him? Will they do what's necessary to rid themselves of the evil that plans to take over their world?

The Underworld

It has become bloody in the underworld as the displaced souls fight for their lives. Can they beat the countless army of angry body snatchers who have been forced out of the bodies they worked so hard to get?

How will the soldiers take the news of Tega's death. Will they still have the will and courage to fight? Or will they give up?

I am extremely happy to announce that Trapped; The Underworld (Part 2) is coming to you on the 15th of February 2015!!!

It promises to be a bomb, so,

Watch out for it!!!