The Ancient City of Me (Chapter Nine)

I am so sorry for the long break. I am back now, so, the story continues.

A Surprise

The night air was calm, the moon was already over head and the stars were ever twinkling bright, making the sky a even more beautiful to behold.

After a not so long walk, Naliria and Freda got to the ranch house. It was a mansion painted white. It stood majestically at the east end of the ranch. Around it were beautiful flowers and well trimmed grasses. They added beauty and serenity to the surrounding.

As soon as the girls got to the mansion, Freda led Naliria past it, to a small, abandoned house, which was about 25ft away from the mansion. Although the security lights were out and they had to depend soley on the moon light, Freda was confident because she knew her way around the ranch. The girls got to the abandoned building and went in. Soon afterwards, Naliria felt relieved.

"Well, this is a nice alternative." She thought. "At least we are not in the mansion." Since they were not in the mansion, she was glad because it simply meant they were not tresspassing and so therefore, they wouldn't be arrested. Unfortunately, Naliria's relief was cut short as soon as they got into the building. The house was not at all presentable. It was a store house packed almost full with bags of cement and other building materials. However, Freda walked past the bags of cement, across the store room, to a door at the west wing. She opened it and soon, both girls were descending down a long staircase. When they got to the bottom, Freda led the way again. They were in an empty, deserted, underground apartment but Freda knew her way around it. After walking around for about 3 minutes, they got to a long tunnel which stretched some distance away. They followed it and came to a huge door. It was a metal door. No one could open the door just with the knob. There was a red button by the side which controlled the door. Freda pushed the button and the result was a jerking sound and the turning of steel wheels from the other side of the metal door. After jerking a while, the door finaly but slowly slid open. Before she stepped in, Freda asked Naliria to wait.

"But why should I wait?" Naliria grumbled. "This whole place is quiet, dark and very scary. Not to mention the big rats that roam about."

"Its better you wait Nali." Freda insisted. "I'm beginning to think that I should never have brought you here."

"Why are you talking like that?" Naliria flared up. "So you would prefer to leave me alone on the streets, in a place where I know no one but you?"

"Its more complicated than that."

"Then uncomplicate it for me." Naliria demanded.

"Stay here Nali." Freda insisted. "This is the best I can do for you."


"No buts Nali." She pushed Naliria backwards and before she could steady herself, Freda ran through the open door and jamed the button on the other side. Unfortunately, it closed faster than it opened. Scared out of her wits, Naliria rushed to the door and pounded it hard with her fist.

"Freya! Freya open the door!" She screamed. But there was no response, just her voice echoing in the dark, empty tunnel. All the same, she continued pounding the door. When nothing still happened, she tried to open it but unfortunately, she did not see the button Freda pushed earlier. Instead, she used her strength to pull at the metal handle relentlessly. After trying a while longer, she got tired and gave up. Naliria rested her back against the door, as tears found their way down her cheeks. She couldn't understand why Freda was acting strange. "Maybe Freda is really guilty." She thought. Why didn't I see all this coming? From the strange visits in the city, to sneaking into a property that has been seized by the government."

"Oh Freya, I should have known. I should have known you were not innocent at all. Now I see why the elders were bent on having you ar....." She was interrupted by voices. "People?" She thought. She pressed her ear against the iron door. It was faint, but she could hear voices. Soon, the voices got louder. It was like the people were drawing closer to the other side of the metal door. Naliria recognised one voice as Freda's, but the others, she couldn't tell who they belonged to. The only thing she could tell was that they were arguing. It was a heated argument. Naliria started to bang on the door again. "Open this door Freya! Open it!" She ordered. "Open it! I know there are people in there with you. You are guilty aren't you? Open it!" She banged on relentlessly. She pounded the door from every corner until, by a stroke of luck, her hand hit the button. At first she was in shock when she heard the jerking sound and the turning of steel wheels from the other side of the door. It took her a while to understand that the door was opening. As soon as it slide open, Naliria stepped through. At the same moment, a sharp scream rented the air. Naliria stepped in just in time to see her friend falling to the ground. She didn't know exactly what happened to make her friend fall but, one of the men in the small room was holding something that looked like a baton, while another moved with stretched arms towards Freda. He called out her name as he did so. The man caught her before she could hit the ground.

"Get away from her!" Naliria heard a male voice ordering the man.

"No!" the man refused. "You killed my angel, she was innocent but you killed her." He said, while crying.

The man who gave the order, stepped forward and pulled the second man away from Freda. The man struggled, but he couldn't resist the strength of the first man. Everything happened almost in an instant, but Naliria didn't bother to look at the men. She didn't even care to understand their struggle.

"Freya!!" She cried, as she ran to her friend's side. "Freya!" Naliria called again. By this time, she was already kneeling by her friend and shaking her vigorously. Unfortunately, Freda had passed out and was not responding. With tears in her eyes, Naliria looked up. She wanted to yell at the people who stood around and did nothing to help. All they did was stand around and look at her with fright. However, she was not given the chance to yell.  Someone pulled her hair, forcefully from behind and with it, forced her to her feet. Naliria cried because of the pain she felt. As soon as she was on her feet, the person pushed her in the direction of the others.

"How dare you come in here?" He asked, angrily.

Naliria looked up, wiped the tears from her eyes but was more than shocked to see Harrison and his woman friend. The same woman he came to the city with. She was so stupid to follow them, thinking that they were John and Sarah. What surprised her more, was the fact that they were both armed with batons and knives. For a brief moment, she took her eyes off the duo to look at the people by her side. Naliria was even more shocked. She gasped in surprise, as her eyes rested unwaveringly on Mr. Agul, Freda's aged father. Beside him was Mr. And Mrs. Gabu, John and Rio's parents.

"Whaaa.. what is this?" She asked, still in shock.