The Ancient City of Me (Chapter Six)

A Dream

The cell was dark and lonely, with the bites and whining sounds of mosquitoes as the only source of company. It was night already. The residents had settled in and the city was calm, although, there were occasional barkings, laughter and screams renting the night air.

Naliria's cell room was dark, but all the same, she laid on a bench with her eyes wide open, relaxing, but still very hungry. For the one hundred and tenth time, she wondered why she even bothered coming after John, now she was in trouble. All the same, she loved him. John was more than a friend to her and even though he said he saw her like a sister, she knew she could never see him as her brother. She saw him instead, as a man. A man she loved, a man she wished she could have as a husband. She kept hoping for the day he would profess his undying love for her, the day he would say he loved her as a woman, not a sister. She knew that if he ever proposed marriage to her, she would say a big yes.

"Oh Naliria, stop thinking nonsence. John will never see you as a woman." She told herself. "Its better I forget him and start thinking of how to get out of this mess."

Although she was very tired, she thought long and hard about her unfortunate situation. She wondered if her father would come to the city in time and at the same time, she thought about John and Rio. Where was John? Where was Rio? Could it be that John stayed home with Rio? What were they doing? Were they searching for her? "Hmmmmmm..." She sighed, obviously tired of her own adventure. She closed her eyes. She needed rest. She had to forget about her father, about John and her unfortunate situation, so she could rest.

However, as her body relaxed, she suddenly heard someone calling her name. The voice seemed to be coming from out the window and she wondered who it was. Out of curiosity, she slowly pulled her tired body up and walked over to the window, hoping to see whoever was calling her. When she saw no one, she turned to go back but then, she heard her name again. She turned back to the window and looked out. This time, the voice sounded so much like John's and it was coming from below the tower. She then looked down but suddenly, she found herself falling from the tower window. She screamed out continuously, but there was no one to help her. What was happening? Why was she suddenly falling? Was she just going to die like a chicken? When she was close to hitting the ground, she closed her eyes and anticipated the worst.

However, when she landed, something was different. Instead of hitting the hard ground and having so many broken bones, she fell on something soft. Naliria opened her eyes and surprisingly saw herself on a bed covered with white sheet and pink petals. The bed was inside a large room; there was nothing else apart from the bed, a door and a window. The room was warm and friendly as the rays of the sun filled it, birds could be heard chirping outside. Naliria frowned, she was confused about how she got into the room and all she could think of was how to get out of it. As she threw off the covers in an attempt to get off the bed, she noticed for the first time, that she was naked.

"Arrrr!!" She screamed and quickly went back under the cover. She held it close. "Who could have gotten me naked?" She thought.

“Going somewhere love? Said a male voice from the other side of the room. Naliria almost jumped out of her skin, she had thought no one else was in the room. She looked closely at the man who had suddenly appeared in the room and to her surprise, it was John.

"John! Where in God’s name have you been? I’ve been looking for you. Do you have any idea what I’ve been through?”

John chuckled as he looked at her. “How can you look for me when I’ve been with you all night? Last night’s stunt must have really crippled your memory; I didn’t know I worked you so hard.”

"What in God’s name are you talking about?” Naliria flared up.

“You really don’t remember?" He asked, as he walked towards the bed. "Or are you just acting coy? Come here let me remind you.”

John sat on the bed and pulled her to himself. Without a moment’s hesitation, his lips descended on hers, passionately. She tried to resist, but it was of no use.

“Oh God!” she thought as her lips moved in response to John’s. Then without thinking, John who was already in the mood pulled down her cover and took in her nipple; he sucked them for a while before slipping his hands under the sheets and finding her legs already parted. He took his hands in between her thighs and stroked her gently. He did all sort of things to pleasure her. Naliria moaned as she unconsciously spread her legs even wider. Who did she think she was deceiving? It was exactly what she wanted, what she dreamt of. John kissing and making sweet love to her. She had always loved him and wanted him in so many ways; she never knew her day dreams will become a real one. As John continued to pleasure her, her orgasm began to build and her moans got louder. Just as she was about to climax, there was a loud bang at the door. This sudden distraction caused them to pause. Her heart was pounding seriously against her chest as she wondered what was up. Who could be banging the door?

As they listened quietly, the bang came again. "Oh God!” Nali whispered, "Who can that be?"

After a short while, they started to hear the clanging of keys just outside the door. It was like someone was about to open the door. Following that, was the voice of a man laughing. Naliria wanted to ask John if he heard all the things she was hearing, but when she looked at him again, she noticed that the man before her, whose fingers were still between her inner thighs, was no longer John. He was now the guard who had taken her prisoner and locked her up. In shock and utter confusion, she pulled back from him and got out of bed. The man began to laugh at her and at the same time, she heard another man’s voice saying “Oh, maybe she’s having a night mare.” He said it three times. Naliria was confused, she ran to the window and looked out. Seeing that it was impossible to jump out, she tried to think of another means of escape. However, before she could say "Jack!" the guard sneaked up from behind and pushed her out through the window. That done, he burst out laughing again. Naliria screamed as she found herself falling, for the second time, from such height. When she was about to hit the ground again, her eyes opened and she found herself back in the dark cell, awakened to the annoying sound of mosquitoes and the sting of loneliness. It was then she realised that her experience was a dream.

"I must have fallen asleep." She thought. "Well, why won't I have such a terrible dream? I've been thinking of John almost throughout the night."

In the distance, she could hear one of the guards making fun of her, saying to another guard, “She must have been having a bad dream.” The second guard was laughing and at the same time trying to open her cell gate. The clanging of keys, as he worked, told her that was what she heard in the dream. The guard was trying to open the door and the bunch of keys he was using was what made all that noise.

"I don’t believe this,” she whispered to herself, “The pig heads had the guts to get into my dreams and ruin it all; just when I was having a great time.” The dream felt so real, Naliria could even feel the wetness of her pant. "Oh dear me." She thought.

After he succeeded in opening the gate, the guard dropped a plate of rice carelessly on the ground and looked at her while pointing at it. “Eat quickly dreamer.” He said, “It's morning. In thirty minutes I'm taking you to face the elders."

“But you have not told me what my crime is." Naliria queried. “You people are being unfair.”

The guard ignored her out burst. He locked the gate and walked away. Naliria was furious, but also very hungry. She quickly grabbed the plate of rice and devoured it. Unfortunately, the food was not at all delicious. Naliria looked at the left over in her plate and not for the last time, she wished to be back home. Thoughts about the delicious meals her mum prepared at home, kept flooding her mind. How could she have left all of that? All her comfort, just because of one man? Anyway, she knew she would have to stay put until help arrived.

In exactly thirty minutes time, the guard who gave her food earlier, came back to take her to the court of the elders for questioning. Naliria was reluctant to go with him and so, he forcefully carried her over his shoulder as she screamed all the way to be put down.