The Ancient City of Me (Chapter Ten)

The Fight

The room was a very large one. There was a table towards the end of the room. Far behind it, was a big bell, hanging from the ceiling. The cream cloured curtains were drawn across the window. Behind Mr. Agul and John's parents, there was also a table. On it were metal rods, long enough to fit into a wardrobe.
The entire room was illuminated by two wooden torches, hanging on both sides of the wall.

Having a strength she didn't know she had, Naliria faced Harrison. "What is this?" Then she turned back to the others. "What exactly is the meaning of this?"

"Naliria you shouldn't be here." Mr. Agul said. His expression was sad and Naliria guessed that it was Freda's current situation that caused it.

"Why not?" She asked with eyes wide open. "So I wouldn't find you all here? And you too?" She pointed at Mr. and Mrs. Gabu. "Your children morn your death, everyday. They wish to have you with them again. You are alive but you chose to keep away? Don't you care? How can you be..."

"Shut up!" Harrison cut her short. "Shut up Naliria and be quiet." He ordered

"No! You shut up Harri, you shut up! Either that or you start explaining to me what's happening here. Why is my friend on the ground? What did you do to..." She was interrupted as Harrison's whore stepped forward and landed a hot slap across her cheeks. She was a matured woman of about thirty to thirty five years of age, however, she looked more like a woman in her twenties.

"You will shut up or I will make you." She threatened. "What, in all of this earth, is Lucas Ladeal's daughter doing here? Does your mummy know you are here, little girl? What about your daddy?" She landed another hot slap on Naliria's face.

Naliria held her cheeks in shock. She hadn't expected the first slap, let alone the second one. "How dare you?" Naliria sparked, as she moved swiftly to grab the other woman's  hair. Her father had always thought her never to take nonsense from anyone, especially if the person involved was a good for nothing. As long as she was concerned, Harrison's slut was a good for nothing. She grabbed her hair and pulled it harder, making the woman scream some more. Harrison, seeing that the issue was getting out of hand, quickly picked up a baton and was about to use it on Naliria's head. Fortunately, as luck would have it, two masked men in black, stepped through the still, open metal door. On seeing what Harrison was about to do, the man in front shouted at him to stop.

"Who are you?" Harrison asked. He was shocked and really taken back. He hadn't expected that anyone would come in after Naliria. If he had known, he would have locked the door earlier. "Get out of this place now!" He ordered.

Wanting to focus on what was happening, Naliria slapped Harrison's woman across the face and pushed her away. She landed hard on the floor with her back and she cried out some more. However, since there was a new intruder in their midst, the ladies stayed apart. Surprisingly, the man who had ordered Harrison to stop, stood still. He was walking towards them before but stopped on his tracks, as his focus remained on Mr and Mrs. Gabu. The masked man seemed like he was in deep thought, he was not concerned anymore about the others. Seeing that his  attention was on the elderly couple, Naliria suspected him to be John. After all, John was looking for his parents, but seeing them in the manner he did, was really shocking. She was shocked too when she saw them, but what could she do.

"John?" Naliria asked, as she moved forward. "If its you, tell me." She persauded. However, she had not taken more than three steps when Harrison moved forward and grabbed her hair from behind. He pulled her to himself and then held her prisoner as he faced the mask man again. Harrison was now certain that it was John who had come in, all thanks to Naliria and her wide mouth. It explained why he was suddenly dumb founded. He had just seen his parents. His parents that were supposedly dead for years.

"Take the mask off." Harrison ordered. Unfortunately, the man said nothing. He didn't respond. He only watched. "I said get that mask off. Do it or I'll kill her." He threatened, as he held a small knife against Naliria's throat. "I know how much you treasure this one John." He said. "If you do anything stupid, or you refuse to obey me, she is dead."

The masked man took two steps forward but Harrison ordered him to stop. "Or what?" He dared Harrison.

"Or this." Harrison pulled Naliria's hair hard. While she struggled to get free, he then used the little knife he was holding, to cut her arm. It was a deep cut and the pain made Naliria scream. "Now take your mask off before I do more harm." He warned.

Not wanting more harm to come to her, the man took off the mask. "Rio!!!!" Naliria gasped, still in pain. "What are you doing here? Why are you here? You can get hurt."

In turn, Mr. And Mrs. Gabu were shocked to their bones. This was their son. A son they left when he was only fifteen years old. He had grown up, he looked more handsome and stronger too.

"Rio" Mrs. Gabu whispered his name but he didn't look at her. He had quickly recoverd from the shock of seeing them. He would get explanations later but at the momemt, It was time to face Harrison.

"Now you know who I am. Let my sister go." Rio demanded.

"No way my friend." Harrison scoffed. "If you are here, with that fool behind," he pointed at the masked man behind Rio, "Then John is certainly around, somewhere."

"Exactly!" Rio said, smiling broadly. "You are completely out numbered." The revelation about John's presence also made the elderly couple sad but at the same time, one could see hope in their eyes.

"I don't think so Rio." Harrison countered. "You are the one who is out numbered. Tana!" He called to his woman friend. "Alert the others. We have enemies in the building."

Tana turned, picked up her baton and quickly ran to the big bell at the far end of the room. Without hesitation, she struck it four times. The loud, ringing sound of the bell, filled the atmosphere and went further into other parts of the building. That done, Tana turned back to face Rio. "Now the show has started." She  said. "I'm not going to hold back anymore." She threw off her long cape to reveal her black outfit, a leather pant below leather top with a v-neck. The clothes hugged her body, revealing all the curves in the right places.

"Take them out darling, do what you do best." Harrison encouraged her. Tana picked up a long stick from a near by table and ran towards Rio. Soon, they were locked in serious battle. Rio played cooly with her because he wasn't the type to hit a woman. However, he didn't expect that she was trianed in combat. While he fought cooly with her, she trashed him from all angles, giving him no space.

"Rio do something, don't let her do this to you." Naliria urged.

"Shut up." Harrison reprimanded her. "Shut up and watch."

Tana picked Rio off his feet and slammed him hard on the ground. "Arrr....." he cried out in pain. At the same moment, about twenty men came in through the open, metal door. They were the black riders Naliria spotted in the old forest. The same ones that were going to queue up behind her but they were stopped by the city's security guards.

"What are those black riders doing here?" She thought, as fear crept in again. "What business do they have here?"

From another door, directly opposite the metal door, more than twenty men trooped out. They were all heavily armed. Not waiting to understand what was happening they locked themselves in serious battle with the black riders. Naliria was confused. She didn't know which men were on Rio's side, neither did she know which ones were on Harrison's side. Mr and Mrs. Gabu, as well as Mr. Agul, didn't want to shy away from the fight. They each picked up an iron rod, the sieze of a baton and the length of two human hands joined together. Not caring about anything else in the world, the parents lunched an attack on the other men. Naliria was surprised that they were not fighting the black riders. She looked very confused, as she didn't really know who was good or bad.

While the men fought, their yellings and shouts, as well as screams filled the large room and went beyond it to other parts of the house. Accompanying the screams and shouts, were the clashing sounds of metals. Cutlass against cutlass and metal rods against cutlass. Also, there was hand to hand combat amongst some of the men. It was a terrible fight. Both sides were determined to finish off the other.

However, while the others fought, Tana continued to deal with Rio. She was on top of him, squeezing at his throat. To prevent her from strangling him, Rio held her hands and tried to get them off his neck. It was really pathetic, seeing a woman deal with Rio the way Tana was doing. However, Naliria understood Rio's position. She understood that he was the kind of man who could never raise his hands to a woman, no matter what.

"Well, since he wouldn't do it," Naliria thought. "I would." Unfortunately for Harrison, who was distracted by the fight, he was still holding her to himself. Naliria raised her right leg up and brouht it down heavily on Harisson's right leg. Unfortunately, he wore an open sandal while Naliria wore a low heeled boot. The sole of the boot was made of very strong metal and so when it came down hard on Harrison's almost bare foot, he screamed and in the process, let go of her. Before she ran to Rio's rescue, she she elbowed Harrison in the stomach. He bent low while holding his stomach and groaning in more pain. With his head still low, Naliria didn't give him a chance to recover. She elbowed him on the back, close to his nape. This time, Harrison fell down and his groans doubled. Satisfied that the idiot wouldn't come near her or harass her again, she grabbed his baton from him and went up behind Tana. Once there, she wasted no time in swinging the wooden object against Tana's head. Tana screamed, her grip on Rio's neck loosened and she fell off him. Naliria didn't give her breathing space. She moved over and raised the baton again, preparing to land it hard on Tana's face.

"Next time," she said, "Don't you dare attack my brother like that. Just because he was thought never to hit a woman, that doesn't mean he wouldn't kill you if he wants to."

In an attempt to bring down the baton, Naliria suddenly heard someone call her name. The voice belonged to John but Naliria could not see him.

"John?" She asked as she looked up, temlorarily distracted from what she was about to do. "John where are you.?" She asked.

"Naliria bend low." The voice came again. This time, it was closer.

"Bend low?" Naliria thought. "Where is John? Why was his voice ringing in my head? And why was he telling me to bend low?" Naliria was confused but then, she heard another voice just behind her. It said "You whore!" This time, the voice belonged to Harrison. Naliria turned, just in time to see Harrison's baton coming down on her head. It was too late to dodge. Her eyes widened in horror. What followed next was a hard blow to her head. It was indeed, a serious hit. One that affected her head and somehow, the rest of her body. Naliria dropped to the ground. However, her eyes were opened long enough to finally see John. He called her name over and over again, as he ran towards her from the midst of the other riders. Surprisingly, he was dressed the same way as the black riders. When he finally got to where she was, he sid not stop. Instead, he ran to Harrison and grabbed him by the neck. That was all she saw, before she blanked out.

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