What Will You Do If You Woke Up and Saw it Outside Your Gate?

Just yesterday, I posted something about my brother's experience. Remember, it was night and so he couldn't see the full body of the cobra.

So today, in fact this morning, one of the neighbourhood cobra decided to do a follow up on the story. Lolz. So this is the sequel of yesterday's post.

This morning, I did some editing on one of my soon to be released book. After that, I went about my chores. When I was done cleaning the house, I took the dirty clothes outside to wash. Yes I wash clothes. I no lazy at all. Lolz.

Back to the story. I had finished washing and went to spread the clothes on the line, when I heard raised voices from our neighbours. Earlier, my elder brother brought in someone to work on the generator. It needed to be serviced. While the person worked and I spread out the washed clothes, my dad and my brother went out to see what was happening.

"Are they fighting?" I heard my dad ask, as he walked to the gate with my elder brother following closely behind. They opened the gate and stepped out of the compound. "What is it?" I hear my father ask. I guess he was asking the neighbours.

Anyway, that was all I heard. I didn't hear their voice, neither did they come back into the compound. However, I still heard the raised voices of the neighbours.

"What?" I thought. "Is the fight so serious?" Since I couldn't answer my own question, I put the thought out of my mind.

After I finished spreading out the clothes, I walked to the gate and looked out. The scene I saw, told me that the issue was a snake. Fighting had nothing to do with it. They saw a snake and they cornered it. All the guys held sticks. I couldn't help but notice that my dad's stick was fatter and longer. Lolz. That aside, he was in front, not behind.

Anyway, with joint efforts they killed the snake and brought it out from the spot it was cornered.

I opened my mouth wide when I saw the size. "May God not allow anyone's leg to be caught by such a deadly creature.

As for me. As soon as I saw the size, I ran in to get my phone. Lolz. I didn't see the one from my brother's experience but I saw this. I just had to take pictures of it. All the same, even though it was dead, I refused to go too close to it. #Widegrin. I love my life o!

See the pictures below.