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Trapped - The Underworld (Series Two)


The rain got heavier and more threatning, as it lashed out relentlessly against the earth. The strength of the wind accompanying it was great. Things flew in different directions. The big trees waved their leaves and branches ceaselessly as they struggled with the wind. However, they finally bowed in resignation. Other smaller tress could not withstand the pressure either, they cracked and fell down completely, causing blockades along the bushy paths. Lightning took over the skies and thunders rolled. It was indeed a terrible storm. Fortunately, the storm, no matter how heavy it was, could not stop the raging war. The fight in the battle field remained fierce and the fighters were not relenting in their bid to destroy the body snatchers.

Far away from the war field, heavy boots marched on in the heavy rain, splashing muddy water in different directions. Their clothes were soaked to their skin and water dripped from it, but, they were not deterred. They knew that come what come may, Tega needed the support of his army and they were going to ensure that the needed support was readily at hand. After about thirty minutes walk in the heavy rain, Tayo, Clara and Nene finally came in view of two very high mountains. One was in front of the other. The mountains stood majestically against the eastern skies. At their base was a crown of long pointed rocks which served as a blockade and ward off to intruders. It was only morning, but the weather caused the day to have the appearance of the late evening under the moon light. However, the trio could see what was in front of them. From the outside, the mountains looked old and scary. Only those who knew what was inside and had a clean heart, could boldly go into it.

"Is this the place?" Nene asked, raising her voice above the sound of the heavy rain.

"Yes." Clara replied, while standing at akimbo and surveying the entire area. Amongst the three of them, she was the only one who had gone into the mountain several times with Tega. She knew the place too well, but she didn't know if the occupants would be willing to listen to them. They were hard heartened and only listened to Tega.

"Why does it look like a witches hide out?" Tayo asked, not feeling so sure about the place anymore. "These mountains are scary."

"That's the whole idea." Clara said. "Tega didn't want anyone knowing about the army he was raising. The scarier the place, the more it drives people away. Only a few body snatchers have tried going in there but, the men ambushed and killed them all. They didn't get a chance to go back and tell their kind about the army."

"That's good." Tayo said with a nod. "The army will be our surprise weapon in this war. So which way do we take in?"

"We can't go in." Clara said. "We wait. They will come to us. All we have to do is get close enough to the base."

"You think any of them will come out to meet us in this storm?" Tayo asked, bewildered.

"I don't know." Clara replied. "Let's see."

The trio walked up to the crown walls at the base and waited for over ten minutes, but, no one came out to meet them, let alone ask what they wanted.

"I think we should go in." Nene said impatiently.

"I won't do that if I were you." Clara warned while keeping her gaze straight ahead, watching to see if anyone would come out to meet them. After another ten minutes passed and no one came out, Tayo got tired of waiting and started to make his way in. "Its a bad idea." Clara warned. "I know how things are done here."

"I don't care!" Tayo said in a flash of anger. "We came all this way in the storm. The least they can do is come out and talk to us."

Tayo closed the very short distance between himself and the crown of rocks and then passed through one of the small openings. Nene followed too, but Clara wasn't certain that it was the right thing to do. However she reluctantly followed them behind.

They had moved past the crown of rocks and were already heading towards the entrance at the foot of the mountain when Tayo, being in front, suddenly saw an arrow flying in his direction. He moved aside but he was not quick enough. The arrow brushed his arm, tearing the material of his clothes and leaving a deep cut in the flesh it came in contact with. Tayo cried out as he held his arm. Nene and Clara saw what happened and they quickly rushed to his side.

"Are you okay?" Nene asked as she brought out a piece of cloth from her bag and used it to dab at the trickle of blood coming out from Tayo's arm. After a while, they noticed black lines spreading around the injured area of the arm. Clara looked at it closely and saw that it was the veins around the cut that showed the black lines. The veins were being attacked and it was spreading fast. Soon, a large portion of the arm had black lines made by blood cells which had been killed. The situation weakened Tayo. Clara and Nene carried him back to the crown wall and made him sit on the ground, with his back up against the wall. Nene sat by him and studied the injury some more.

"The arrow was poisoned." Clara said, after she looked at it for the last time. "Not just any poison, this is quick poison. Oh my God! What are we going to do now?" She panicked. "I told you this was a bad idea."

"Oh stop it Clara!" Nene said, as she tried to stop the spread of the poison by tying the upper part of the arm. "He is hurt, can't you see that?"

"Yes I see it. If only he listened to me, this wouldn't have happened."

"If all you're going to do is throw blames, then I suggest you stand back."

"Oh really? You know you are also the cause of this." Clara accused.

"Oh, now I'm the cause?" Nene asked, as she got to her feet. "All we wanted was to get these people to talk to us instead of waiting aimlessly in front of the crown walls."

"But I said wait! I have waited in front of those walls for over thirty minutes in the past."

"Yes you have, but mind you, there was no war then."

"Give whatever excuse you want. You both caused this." Clara said, pointing at Tayo's arm.

"Throw that accusation one more time Clara," Nene threatened with a firm tone, "And I will beat the bleeping day light out of you."

"We are both trained soldiers Nene, I doubt you would be able to do anything to me." Clara dared her.

They were still staring angrily at each other with clenched fist when they suddenly heard Tayo whimpering. When they looked at him, they saw that the poison had gone past the upper arm where Nene tied and had spread over to his neck. However, even in his weakness, he managed to point his fingers at the mountain's entrance. The ladies looked back and saw two dark, huge and well built men, standing there with bows and arrows. The men wore black trousers each, under bare chests that had six packs. Their facial expression was serious as they looked at the intruders. They didn't seem to mind being under the heavy rain with open bodies and they didn't care if one of the intruder was dying due to the poison from one of their arrows. Nene moved over to hold Tayo while Clara slowly walked up to the men.

"Please," She started. "We didn't mean to intrude, please cure my friend. I know you have a cure for the poison you used."

"What are you and those two doing here?." The first man asked, pointing at Nene and Tayo with the bow in his hand.

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