Rest in Peace

The wires were tangled on the cemented floor and water dripped from the ceiling, down, on the naked parts. Feet of different sizes, wearing different types and designs of shoes, walked past the tangled wire. It was a Sunday service and the people were busy with setting up the place for worship. Being too busy and in so much hurry, no one noticed water, dripping from the ceiling, down, on the edge of the naked, tangled wires. It had rained heavily that day, hence the water.

Minutes passed and soon, service started with praise and worship. The pastor's wife led the choristers so she stood in front. After the praise and worship session, her husband, the branch pastor, was to mount the pulpit and give the people the word of God.

So while preparing himself for the ministration, he watched his wife leading the team. Soon, it was time for worship. The congregation got into worship mood and so did the pastor's wife and her back up choristers. Since the rain was still falling, lightning struck. The result was a shock. A shock that they couldn't feel becauae they all wore shoes. Unfortunately, the lead chorister was already on her knees when the lightning struck and she was holding a mic. Being on her knees, her body served as a conductor for electricity to pass through. She felt the shock form both the unearthened floor and the mic. Due to the shock, she fell flat. However, even though she threw away the microphone because of the shock, it still managed to land on her chest. From the mic, electricity passed to her heart. The backup choristers felt the shock too but they threw their mics far away from them. Since they were standing and  wearing shoes, electricity could not get to their feet and pass through to their bodies. If the pastors wife had not knelt down, her knees wouldn't have contacted the floor and the electricity wouldn't have had the chance to use her body as a conductor.

Before she could be rushed to the hospital, she died, almost on the spot. She died living her 7 months old son and her husband, the pastor.

This is a sad experience that happened to a long time acquaintance who I have always had high respect for. It happened two years back but, I only just heard because I haven't been in touch for a long time. From what I heard, she was a good woman. Since she was a wife to the pastor whom I respect so much, I believe we would have been good friends, if she was still alive.

All I can say now is "Rest in Peace" dear. God knows best. I'm glad her husband, after two years of mourning, was able to pull himself together and move on with his life.