The Preacher's Message

"My brothers and sisters, please close your eyes and let us pray." The middle aged woman started. By then, the bus conveying us from Trade fare to Ringroad, was filled up and already in motion.

The woman sat beside me. She was dressed in a brown jacket and black, long skirt. She tied her hair with a black hair tie. One look at her and I could see that her face was completely void of make up and her body, of jewelries.

During the short prayer, most of us opened our eyes, but all the same, we prayed along. Lolz. Who no want safety?

After the prayer, her preaching began. "My brothers and sisters." She started. "I know you have heard about christ before. All the same, I want to remind you about him and I also want to remind you to keep away from sin. If we sin, we miss out on God's blessings. If we sin, God will turn his back on us. See our creator, he suffered for us, he bled on the cross just so we can have everlasting life."

At this point, I was distracted by a message that entered my phone. I read the message quickly and turned my attention back to the preaching.

"These days, girls are doing things that will send them straight to hell. They wear clothes that expose their bodies. They wear atificial things, wigs, nails, eye lashes and a lot of other things that are not good. They paint their faces and above all, they sleep around with men and get put in the family's way."

The bus stopped briefly to pick another passenger. He was a young man, probably in his early or mid-twenties. He was casually dressed in an orange colored, t-shirt and blue jeans pant. He sat in front and the bus continued on its way. The preaching also continued.

"The men are also doing a lot of wrong things. They are not wearing artificial things but they are guilty of wrong dressing." The woman fired on. "They sag their trousers while some others go about with hair styles that make them look like mad men. To crown it all, they also sleep around. Men are more promiscuous than women. Some men even go as far as telling their girl friends that without sex, no commitment. Some say the girl should get pregnant first before marrying her. My brothers, this is not right. You can't d..."

"No talk am o!" The guy that just entered the bus protested. He wasn't able to contain himself anymore. "We need to test am first before we marry o! Some girls don useless them body. If we marry anyhow and in the end the girl no fit born unko? Wetin go come happen?"

"My guy na true o!" The male passenger by his side supported. "All these talks about wait till after marriage na old school. If you see wetin some girls dey do ehn? Afraid go catch you for marriage matter o! I just..."

"...but my brothers." The preacher cut in. "If the girls are misbehaving, let them. You don't have to join them by doing wrong. It earns you an automatic visa to hell."

"Mama abeg forget that thing." The guy in the orange colored, t-shirt brushed the issue aside. "Before I marry, I must test am. No testing no marrying."

The other guys in the bus supported him. Lolz. According to them, the era of deceit is long over.

While they argued with the preacher, we, the ladies, just watched, listened and smiled. Lolz.

If you ask me, the truth is that I can't blame the men for putting their feet down on this. They have been deceived a lot. However, some of them, after impregnating the girls, run off into the open arms of other unsuspecting victims.

I really want to know if
all men reason this way. To the ladies out there, would you agree to this? Knowing fully well that the guy may just be playing games with you?

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  1. Hello Karo. This is a funny tale at the palms of seriousness. Being deceived in a relationshit (my style of calling it) is really not new and along the way, the one(s) being cheated on is supposed to suspect or figure it out. It takes a real person to do so....


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