The Visitor

The rain lashed out relentlessly against the surface of the earth. Strong wind swept through the atmosphere, troubling the trees and causing them to bend in whatever direction it wanted. The rumbling sounds of thunder and the flash of lightning took over the sky which was already covered in dark cloud. The heavy wind caused street poles to fall, electric wires sparked as they tangled. Eventually, the lights went out.

"This is a disaster." Josphine said, as she put on the rechargeable lamp.

"You see, the current suddenly dropped low, before it went out." Her husband, Mark, said from where he sat in the living room. "I doubt we will have light again, even after the rain."

"We will my husband," Josphine replied, before sitting by her husband's side and placing a comfortable hand on his thighs. "The only issue is that, it will take some days before the fault is corrected. You know how slow PHCN workers are. Those guys are the very definition of sluggish."

"That's true." Her husband agreed. "The workers at PHCN are slow. With the kind of wind outside, I wouldn't be surprised if so many poles have fallen already. This area is so backward."

"Abi?" Josphine agreed. "Every little rain brings blackout."

"Well, what can I say? What we are experiencing now is more of a storm." Mark said. "This is the third time in almost two years we are experiencing this."

"The first time was during our honeymoon." Josphine said. "That night was so ele.." she paused and then frowned, as she noticed a blue light at the passage leading to the bedrooms. "Honey, do you see that?" She asked pointing at the entrance of the passage.

Her husband looked at it and he too frowned. His heart raced and his senses became alarmed. "Where is that light coming from?" He asked, as he stood up and started towards the passage. Josphine followed behind. It was the first time they were seeing such blue light, inside their home. Surely it wasn't PHCN. Even if it were, they had no bulb in the house that emitted such shade of blue. The blue was brilliant and mixed with white.

When the couple got to the passage, they stepped into it slowly and cautiously. On geting there, the brilliancy of the light increased and they saw that it was actually coming from their daughter's bedroom. From where they stood, they could see that the light was much brighter in there. It was as if lightning itself was present in the room.

"Honey, its coming from Dora's bedroom. What are we going to do?" Josphine panicked. She never imagined that such could happen. Even Mark was scared too but, he had no choice. He had to be more than a man. There was no way he was going to allow his wife go into the room alone. Aside from that, his daughter was in that room. Finding out what the light was and getting his daughter away from it, was his top most priority at that moment.

Earlier, after breast feeding and bathing Dora, their one year old baby, they laid her to sleep in her cot. The day was really hectic for her because of the celebration of her one year birthday. There was singing, dancing, riddles and jokes. So many kids in the community came around to celebrate with Doraof and her parents. After the celebration, Mark, Josphine and some neighbours, helped to clean up and put the place in order again. The night came and Dora was put to bed before the heavy, rain storm started. How the bright light got into Dora's room, they had not the slightest idea. What the light was, they were yet to know.

The couple tiptoed all the way to the room. When they got to the open door of Dora's room, they stopped on their tracks. They stopped because what they saw was not ordinary. It was indeed, out of this world. Dora was wide awake as against their thought of her being asleep. She laughed heartly but quietly as she played with a being. A being whose face they couldn't make out. All they saw was that, the brilliant light came from a light being who had the shape of a female with long hair and a flowing gown. Dora looked so happy playing with the strange visitor. However, what was more weird was the fact that Dora's eyes were no longer normal. They had become as bright as the light from the being she was playing with.

"Stay away from my daughter." Mark said in fright "Who are you? What do you want?"

The being who had pretended not to notice their presence before, turned to face the door. She observed husband and wife for a while before speaking. "If you want me to leave, I will. Unfortunately for you, if I leave, I will leave with my daughter." Although she didn't like the interruption, her voice was soft, calm and almost like music to the ear.

"Your daughter? She is not your daughter." Mark yelled. "Stay away. Leave my dauhter alone." He suddenly had the courage he thought he never had.

"Leave our baby alone, she is not yours." Josphine pleaded.

"I will tell you why she is my daughter." The being insisted. "Better pay attention to my story. You see, you two just got married early last year and you had your honeymoon in an Island in Lagos. If you remember, there was heavy wind, rain and thunder in one of those nights. It was in that same night your wife conceived. I came around that day and so did my daughter. But while I was busy cleansing the earth, my daughter left. She left and went into your womb. You were pregnant with my daughter. She had always said she wanted to know what it felt like to be human, so, I let her be. Although I let her be, I promised myself that I will always come around to mark specific events in her life. That night, the night you conceived of my daughter, the rain increased and so did the wind. A rain storm was what followed. Time passed and after nine months, you were due for labour. The night your wife put to bed, I also visited. As usual, I came with my friends. Now for today, today marks her one year on earth as a human being and once again, I am here to visit and play with her. I am determined to remind her of who she really is. I will visit her in every moment that marks something good or bad in her life. So expect me always. I am and will continue to be a regular visitor. Hope we can be friends?" She concluded.

"I don't believe everything you said." Josphine rebuffed. "This is my child. I met with my husband and I had a child. Please leave us alone."

"I know that in the past, there have been two heavy, rain storms. I know." Mark said. "I didn't just take note of the events that happened on those days. I only see you now, here, and today is her one year birthday. So tell me, why should we believe you? Why are you trying to take away God's gift to us?"

Without saying a word, the light being waved her hand in mid air and a fog like screen, appeared. The story she had just told replayed on the foggy screen. Josphine saw all she did in the recent past and so did Mark. They were watching their life on the screen. They saw what happened during those stormy nights. How the being came around when their daughter was conceived. How she was at the hospital the night Dora was born and presently, being in the house the night of Dora's first birthday. Now they were convinced, more than ever, that the being was telling the truth.

"Today is the day I decided to let you see me." The being said, after waving the fog screen away. "Now its your decision. If you want me to go, I will and I will take my child with me. What say you?"

""No, please don't take her away." Josphine pleaded as tears blurred her vision.

"Don... Don't leave." Mark stammered. "You are always welcome in our home."

"That is a good decision." The light being said with a brilliant smile that lightened her already bright eyes.

"Errr. Since you will be coming around more, can we know you?" Mark asked, while trying to recover from the revelation. "Please tell us. What is your name?"

"My name, dear earthly father of my child, is Esphinora. But you and the entire human race know me as lightning." At the mention of lightning, her eyes dazzled with some more briliant, blue light. Its brilliancy increased until like a flash, it started to dart in different directions. Dora was not left out. The currents of light that suddenly enveloped her, made electricity look like a joke. The room became even brighter and the high currents sent shock waves through the delicate bodies of Josphine and Mark. The couple had to close their eyes and pull back into the passage. Thunders clapped and rolled loudly, like it was directly on the roof top. The rain intensified and so did the wind. Nature was indeed, confirming the identity of their visitor.

All Rights Reserved © Karo Oforofuo. March 5th 2015